20 Weeks Pregnant With Twins

20 Weeks Pregnant With Twins

Congratulations! You are halfway through your pregnancy. 20 weeks means you need to wait for about 20 more till you can have your munchkins with you. We know what a special occasion this is for you. You will be going through some physical and emotional changes. For now, let’s have a look at what type of changes happen at 20 weeks of pregnancy with twins.

Twin Pregnancy Symptoms at 20


It is common for moms to have sleeping problems at this age. That will also trigger the headache. Carrying two babies at once is not easy. Mothers will feel very tired too. But tiredness typically starts earlier.

To relieve the stress and morning sickness of twin moms, there’s a mist that claims to be helpful at times like this. Get this magnesium mist for stress relief and muscle cramp reliever. But make sure to consult with a doctor before you do so.

Gums and Nose Bleedings

At week 20, mothers might find their gums bleeding. Along with that, some pregnant women experience nose bleeding too. Although it is normal, make sure to check with your healthcare provider.

Every mother will experience different things depending on their health, hormones, and eating habits. But anything that might make mothers uncomfortable should get feedback from professionals.

Mask of Pregnancy

Your skin goes through hormonal changes as well as you do. This week, mothers experience brown spots or patches on their skin called masks of pregnancy according to the NHS. It is also known as chloasma. This is a sign of your pregnancy and your body going through changes.

Skin will be greasy and oily. It will be prone to acne and other skin problems. Moreover, mothers also develop stretch marks on their bodies at this time.

Vaginal DIscharge

One of the symptoms of this week is that mothers can experience white discharge. It is possible to get a vaginal infection as well. In fact, some develop urine infections which is a bit hassle. Although it is supposedly normal, don’t take the risk.

Twin parents should always be extra careful. So it is better to consult with a doctor if any of these appear. However, if there’s any kind of bleeding, you need to contact the doctor or healthcare professional immediately.

Thicker Hair

One good thing about pregnancy is that at this point mother will grow shinier hair. Their hair will be thicker and shinier. It is also a part of the changes and will go back to normal hair after a while. But why not enjoy it while it lasts?

Twin Baby Development at 20 Weeks

How Big are Twins at 20 Weeks?

You are seeing a little baby bump, right? 20 weeks twin pregnant belly bump means they are growing. Each of your babies will be 25.6 cm which is as tall as a banana. And we can say it for sure because now their measurements are taken from head to heel.

Each of the twins weight about 300g. Since you are a 20 weeks twin mom, you should gain weight more. But not that much. Together they weigh about 6 apples. They are also supposed to be moving in the belly. You will feel their kicks and movement when they are active. With their senses being active too, they will move with light and sound.

Almost halfway through the pregnancy, you must be very excited to know about your munchkins! In about 4 months they won’t be in the womb anymore. But before that, let’s focus on your baby’s development at this stage of 20 weeks. Since you are halfway through, a lot has been developed, and a lot is left to be developed.

Facial Structure

Your babies have their little noses and ears now. You can recognize them with an ultrasound that we write about later. During the scan, you can probably see them sucking their thumbs, sounds adorable!

They have also grown their lips. They can hear sounds now and recognize your voice. So make sure to sing to them. At this stage babies also grow their hair. But it is still very thin and not textured.

Brain Development

The brain continues to develop as it started long ago. It still happens rapidly. But this time it happens to develop the senses that your baby can feel. They should feel loud noises and light. It might wake them up too. They have their sleep and wake cycle by now.

Vernix Caseosa

This part is probably not as familiar as the other ones. It is a white substance that covers the baby’s skin. It looks white and creamy. Vernix caseosa develops at 20 weeks. The extra layer thickens the skin and protects the baby from amniotic fluid. It’s a wax coating that covers their bodies.


The most interesting and exciting part is that your baby’s gender will be developed this week. By week 20, they will start to grow primary sexual characteristics.

Ovaries, testicles, and scrotum, all are in primary stages now. This is why this week your ultrasound is capable of revealing the gender of the baby. But they are not always accurate. And genitals are still in their primary stages.

Digestive System

Your little ones are growing their own digestive system! How cool is that? They are growing greenish sticky substance that accumulates in their bowels. But it won’t stay after they are born. Meconium, the yellow-greenish substance, stays only when they are in the womb. After their birth, it goes away.


Babies will be covered in a special type of hair that is soft. It is called lanugo. The reason for this is thought to be to control the temperature of their bodies. However, it is still not confirmed why this happens at this age.

Twins at 20 Weeks Ultrasound

At exactly 20 weeks of pregnancy, you will be offered a screening scan called an anomaly scan. It is one type of ultrasound that is also offered to those with a range of 18-21 weeks. Unlike most other hospital visits, it is not mandatory. You can skip this scan if you want to.

They run this scan to stay updated on the development of the baby. You can get a side view of your baby in black and white. Some places offer 3D images with colors but a lot of places avoid it for ethical reasons.

This screening is particularly important because it looks for about 11 conditions in your twins. But the scan will only be able to catch visible conditions. It is successful in identifying many serious conditions.

In fact, there’s a condition called spina bifida, which is a rare condition of the spinal cord. With this scan, 9 out of 10 babies with the condition will be identified according to the NHS.

Many questions arise around this scan as well. Some people wonder if they can check the baby’s gender with this scan. The answer depends on the country, place, and hospital. Some hospitals will deny disclosing sensitive information.

If you are planning for a gender reveal party, make sure to check with the hospital’s policies. It is understandable that twin parents will be excited to check their baby’s gender more than parents with a single child.

If you are worried about the test being harmful to your children, you will be relieved to know that there are no known cases of ultrasound being harmful. But you should always take someone with you and learn about the pros and cons of the tests they give you.


In this journey of pregnancy, you will discover new information every day. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that as a twin parent, you should always be extra careful of your little cupcakes. A healthy and safe journey is what everyone wishes for! Listen to this mom share her journey as 20 weeks pregnant with twins

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