28 Weeks Pregnant With Twins

With the clocks ticking, your babies are almost grown up now! Their skin, senses, and organs are developed. They can hear you and you can hear their heartbeats! But with all that comes some symptoms and necessary information that parents need to know. Let’s look at a few information of 28-week pregnancy with twins!

Pregnancy Symptoms at 28 Weeks

During this trimester you will be extra careful and cautious at every moment, and that is understandable. Although the initial hormonal fluctuations are over by this time, your body is still changing with the twins. The hormonal change can create multiple symptoms too. One of the symptoms is nosebleeding. It sounds a bit scary but is very common during pregnancy.

It can happen when you are asleep too. However, don’t be afraid because it will not cause harm to your baby. Just be a little cautious that you don’t lose too much blood. If things get serious, contact your healthcare professional immediately. But for an adequate amount of blood, you can follow a few procedures to stay safe-

  1. You can sit up when it happens. Lying down will make it worse.
  2. You can pinch your nose for 10-15 minutes. Pinch the area above the nostrils so that it stops bleeding.
  3. You can take a break from breathing through your mouth for a while, Try to bleed through your mouth.
  4. Applying an icepack also helps like any other bleeding situation. Try to put it at the top of the nose.


Another painful symptom might be piles. To explain further it is piles or hemorrhoids are swelling inside or around the anus. The blood vessels around that place get swollen that get painful while passing stool. Usually, it happens because of chronic constipation. However, in pregnancy, it can happen due to swollen uterus.

The uterus can put weight on your anus and that can create uncomfortableness. Although it is a bit tough to prevent these symptoms, you can do a few things to ease the pain. Try to eat more fiber so that the food is digestible. Drinking enough water will also make it less uncomfortable. If it gets too painful and starts bleeding, try to contact your doctor.


Heartburn and digestive issues are also very common in pregnancy. One of the main reasons is definitely because of hormonal changes. Progesterone increases during pregnancy which can cause digestion to slow down. The other reason is that in twin pregnancies, the babies take up a lot of space in the stomach.

Therefore it gets a bit tough for your stomach to properly digest the food. You can try to prevent this by eating smaller meals, drinking plenty of water, and avoiding oily and fast food. Some food is also easier to digest like vegetables and some fruits. Try to eat those if you are experiencing intolerable heartburn.

Round Ligament Pain

As you are carrying two babies at once, you will experience the symptoms a bit more than usual cases. One of them is the round ligament pain which is caused by the expansion of your womb. The pain can be felt on either side. But it will be on the side of your baby bump. In the case of twin pregnancy, the baby bump is way more significant than usual.

That’s why you will feel the ligament pain more. It might even start in earlier weeks, but as the weeks go by your womb will keep expanding so you might experience the pain for the first time now too.

Leg Cramps

In 28 weeks, you already have a visible baby bump that is bigger than other single-child parents. The weight is also more than ever. As you enjoy the movements of your babies, you will also experience the leg cramps that come with them. It is also called varicose veins which are caused by the decreased blood flow in your legs.

It happens because of the weight and the expanded uterus of your body. The veins can also become visibly blue. However, it gets better after delivery. To prevent this you can try to move around every now and then. Sitting in one place for too long might make this worse. Try to avoid wearing tight clothes to help blood flow freely. 

Back pain

As you are carrying both babies at once, you will experience pressure in your lower abdomen. Considering the average weight of the fetus this week, you will be carrying 2 kgs together. You will have a slightly curved spine too. You will need extra help during this time.

The pain can also occur from the hormones that are increased progesterone. The pain will go away after the babies are born, but will increase during delivery. To get help with it, you can get a c shaped pregnancy pillow that is soft, firm, and shaped for pregnant moms!

Fetal Development at 28 weeks


By this week, each one of your babies is about 1kg and 37.6 cm, which is about the size of a pineapple. So together you are carrying two kilograms! That is something to be proud of! Your baby is also almost fully formed. The size of the baby will still grow but the organs are mostly formed by this time. Ultrasound results can show a lot too!

Heart Rate

An interesting fact about fetuses is that their heart rates keep changing in the womb week by week. At first, when the heart rate developed it was about 110 beats per minute. Then it went up to 170 beats per minute. This week, the rate slowed down a lot. It is about 140 now. At the time of birth, it will slow down even more and reach 130 bpm. When you compare that with our heart rate, which is about 70-80, it seems a lot.

But for the babies, this is a normal heart rate. The reason why they have increased heart rates is because, with such a small heart, they can’t pump as much blood as we can. So, their tiny hearts try to pump more to make up for that. Also, babies need to be kept warm. So their increased heart rates keep them warm. The most adorable thing is you can hear their heartbeat with a stethoscope now. Or your partner can try to put their ear on your bump and hear the tiny hearts beat every minute!

Skin and Weight Gain

Your babies don’t have translucent skin anymore. Their skins are all formed and soft now. But they are still very delicate. Although we talked about a specific weight this week, you will feel the weight of your twins gaining slowly. This happens because of the gradual increase of fat under their skin. This will also increase their weight along the way. This is why you will have fluffy munchkins once they arrive.



As the weeks go by, you may feel nervous or get more conscious about your symptoms. While that is understandable, you need to know when to stay calm and when to contact a doctor. The rule of thumb is whenever you feel something isn’t right, you can call up your healthcare professional.

Since twin pregnancy is a difficult process it is recommended to get a professional comment to stay safe. Some twins are born at 28 weeks too! To get more information about 28 weeks ultrasound and other symptoms, watch this medical review of 28-week pregnancy

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