The 6 Best Twin Nursing Pillow For Comfort And Tandem Nursing

Best Twin Nursing Pillow

Breastfeeding your lovely twins needs perseverance, effort, and perhaps a little inventiveness. To make this experience fruitful for you, a twin nursing pillow can be a good buy. It lets you prepare for tandem nursing as well. A twin nursing pillow can provide great support to mothers while breastfeeding their twins. It puts less stress on the mother’s back and allows the babies to firmly rest against the pillow. It can be an excellent gift to a new twin mom.

Are you considering getting your hands on these nice and plushy breastfeeding cushions? We suppose you are. So, be our guest on the journey to find the best twin nursing pillow for you and the twins. The number of real twin nursing pillows available on the market is quite a few. So, we have prepared a small list of six top twin nursing pillows for your convenience and run a quick comparison among them.

Best Twin Nursing Pillow: Editor’s Top 6 Pick

Product NameColorWeightDimension
1. My Brest Friend Supportive Nursing Pillow for TwinsEveningGrey1.82
27.56 x 15.71 x 5.91 inches
2. The Twin Z Pillow – BlueBlue0.99
36 x 27 x 5 inches
3. My Brest Friend Inflatable Travel Nursing PillowPurple Print1
23 x 15.5 x 5.5 inches
4. The Twin Z Pillow – Lime GreenLime Green0.99
36 x 27 x 5 inches
5. The Twin Z Pillow – GreyGrey7 Pounds35 x 25 x 12 inches
6. TwinGo Nurse & Lounge PillowGrey4.29
20 x 25 x 8 inches

1. My Brest Friend Supportive Nursing Pillow for Twins

My Brest Friend Supportive Nursing Pillow for Twins

The first pick on our list is a twin nursing pillow from a very popular brand, My Brest Friend. It is a strong contender for the best breastfeeding pillow for twins, as it checks all the required boxes.

Comfortable Wrap Around

The nursing pillow offers a wrap-around design that is not only comfortable but also very convenient. Such designs fit almost all body sizes giving the mothers a snug fit and close contact with their twin babies while breastfeeding.

It would surround your body perfectly and secure an ideal position for breastfeeding. It gives the babies support around the neck and helps them to keep the head straight and lifted. 

State-of-the-art Support

The unique shape and design of this nursing pillow have a snug fit against the wearer. It is quite different in this term from the rest of the crescent-shaped nursing pillows available on the market. It also features an adjustable belt.

Such a snug fit allows for great latch onto the mother’s body and ensures consistent feeding. It also provides support to the wearer’s back to reduce the amount of back strain and minimize lower back pain for the mother.

Tiny Convenient Pocket

The feature that sets this pillow apart from the other twin nursing pillow available on the market is the pocket that it has. The small pocket is very convenient for keeping maternity supplies.

For instance, you can keep a feeding bottle for an emergency in that pocket. It can also house wipes, diapers, and other small to medium supplies. However, don’t expect to carry everything you would need in that small pouch

Great Outer Cover

Apart from the regular features, this nursing pillow offers a nice velvety plush cover. The cover has a neutral shade of grey color and feels extremely soft against the skin. 

It doesn’t have any pattern on its body. So, it is very simple. You would love how it wraps around the body. It doesn’t have any rough edges. We couldn’t find any complaints of rashes on anything from the customer reviews.

2. The Twin Z Pillow

The Twin Z Pillow

Second on our list is The Twin Z Pillow. Twin Z is a renowned brand in the nursing pillow market mostly for delivering high-quality double breastfeeding pillow.

Exquisite Back Support

Using this pillow, you can easily nurse your twin at once without having to worry about back pain. It is specially designed to support the back of the mother while she is breastfeeding. This can be a lifesaver.

It may be a bit uncomfortable for skinny or tall mothers. But for the average mom of a twin, it would be a great relief. It helps the mother to tandem nurse without putting any significant pressure on her spine.

6-in-1 Pillow

The pillow offers a diverse field of usability for a twin mother. From breastfeeding, and bottle feeding to tummy time; this pillow can handle it all. The versatility it provides is marvelous.

It can work as a sleeping pillow for your toddlers, but make sure you are around while they sleep. These are soft and plush which gives the babies a nice and comfortable feeling. It doesn’t feel firm against the body at all.

Free Exchange

The Twin Z Pillow doesn’t provide any warranty or free trial. However, it has a free exchange service. If you have received a damaged or defective product, you can exchange it for free.

For getting it exchanged, you need to contact the company for an RA number within three business days. We would take care of the rest for you.

Additional Features

The twins nursing pillow comes with a removable and washable light blue cover. It has a dotted pattern on the cover which feels good against the infant’s body. The cover material is quite soft.

Twin Z also offers customization capabilities for this pillow series. You would need to check their website for the available customizations.

3. My Brest Friend Inflatable Travel Nursing Pillow

My Brest Friend Inflatable Travel Nursing Pillow

Up next, another nursing pillow from My Brest Friend. It is their inflatable nursing pillow that impressed us dearly with its handy features.

Baby Soft Fabric

The pillow has a soft fabric cover made from cotton. The fabric has an attractive purple color that looks very well on the pillow. The cover feels good against the skin too. It will be very comfortable for your twin.

Inflatable Design

Completely different from any other nursing pillow on this list, it has an inflatable chamber as the base of the pillow. It is soft, but not as soft as the other foam pillows. However, it is very lightweight.

To inflate the pillow, a valve stem with two caps can be found on the pillow body. After inflating the pillow, you must close the caps tight following the given instructions. That way it would remain inflated and usable.

Ideal For Traveling

As the pillow has an inflatable mechanism, it is well suited for carrying along while traveling. It is compact while deflated, thus you can take it practically anywhere. It can easily fit within a purse or diaper bag.

If you are traveling by airplane, this pillow can be a lifesaver for you. Offering the same wrap-around design as the Original My Brest Friend nursing pillow, it can provide you with excellent back support and keep your babies cozy.


This particular pillow is significantly cheaper compared to other twin nursing pillows. Due to the foamless, inflatable design, it is quite inexpensive.

Though for regular use, we would still recommend you to get the original My Brest Friend nursing pillow, the inflatable version can come in real handy on different occasions.

4. The Twin Z Pillow – Lime Green

The Twin Z Pillow - Lime Green

Here we present yet another Twin Z pillow on our list for today. This one is the lime green version of The Twin Z Pillow.

No Foam Design

This delicate twin nursing pillow doesn’t have any foam inside of it. Surprising it may sound, but they have managed to replicate the same plushness of foam without using it in their pillow.

It is very soft and nice to the touch. Just like the other one on our list, it features a dotted design and a lime green cover. The cover is washable but the pillow is not recommended to send in for a wash.

Extremely Versatile

Versatility is this pillow’s middle name. It can be used for several tasks including breastfeeding, bottle feeding, toddler time, and so on. However, you need to be extremely careful about making your twin sleep on this pillow.

Due to its softness, it also poses a suffocation hazard. So, the pillow comes with a warning that explicitly asks parents not to allow their toddler to sleep on this twin nursing pillow.

Highly Recommended By Twin Moms

Perfect for tandem nursing, this Twin Z nursing pillow is one of the most recommended pillows by twin moms and lactation consultants. It can easily support your twin while you breastfeed them.

Along with your babies, it will give your back the necessary support to minimize strain on your spine and avoid back pain. Many twin moms have used this pillow to recover from this back pain issue.

Featured in Shark Tank

What is the best way to showcase the merit of a product other than ABC’s Show SHARK TANK.

This product was qualified enough to seek investment from the investment sharks. That speaks volumes about the quality of this nursing pillow very.

5. The Twin Z Pillow – Grey

The Twin Z Pillow - Grey

This is the third twin boppy lounger from Twin Z on our list. So basically, half of our recommended products lead you towards a Twin Z pillow. We guess that indicates the quality of their pillows.


Just like the previous pillow that we reviewed, this Twin Z nursing pillow doesn’t feature any foam. Thus, it is very eco-friendly. This can be a deciding factor if you are a person with a love for the environment.

Despite not featuring any foam, it is very soft and provides adequate support to both mother and the babies.

Marvelous Back Support

It has a buckle mechanism that goes behind the back of the wearer and lets her adjust the fit. This way it provides excellent back support.

If you are struggling with back problems while trying to tandem nurse your twin, this is the perfect pillow for you. It helps to reduce the back strain and lets you comfortably feed your precious twin.

Many Dedicated Use

This pillow is very versatile. Apart from just breastfeeding using it, you can bottle feed, and rest the twin on this pillow. It feels nice to the touch and your twin will love it very much.

However, never allow your babies to sleep on this pillow. That can lead them to suffocation and accidents. Resting is fine while you are monitoring them but sleeping is not.


This pillow is one of the few pillows that are recommended by twin moms and lactation consultants. It has exquisite reviews on amazon and the moms love this pillow.

You can also customize this pillow according to your requirements. For that, you need to head over to the Twin Z website.

6. TwinGo Nurse & Lounge Pillow

TwinGo Nurse & Lounge Pillow

The final product on our list is a nursing pillow from a completely different brand, TwinGo. Though it is a popular brand, it is not quite as renowned as My Brest Friend and Twin Z.

Versatile Use

This pillow is the master of versatile uses. From breastfeeding your twin to using it as a lap pillow for adults, this can do it all. It allows the mother to tandem breastfeed and bottle feed.

The twin nursing pillow is extremely stable and soft. It has more weight than other pillows on this list as it is bigger. But it is equally comfortable if not more comfortable than other ones.

Dual-Core Foam

The pillow offers a two-part foam construction. The upper part is soft and plush, while the lower part is firm. The firm part gives the pillow a strong base to grab onto, whereas the soft part is for babies’ comfort.

Such dual-side construction lets you use both the soft and firm parts when needed. For instance, the softer part comes in very handy while breastfeeding your twin, but you may use the firm side to make the babies sleep on it.

Washable Fabric

The pillow features a plush washable cover. There are zippers on the side of the pillow that can be used to take the cover off. The neutral gray-colored cover can easily be machine washed. So, there’s no hassle.

Flexible Fit

There is a buckle mechanism on this pillow that will allow you to make this pillow snug fit with your body. The pillow is suitable for mothers from XS to plus size. So, you don’t have to worry about the fit.

Things To Look For In A Twin Nursing Pillow

If you have just found out that you are having a twin, you should start to plan how you would feed them. You can either choose to breastfeed them both simultaneously or pump and feed them in the bottle.

Either way, it is always preferred that you use a nursing pillow for feeding your twins. Not only the mother, father, and other family members can use a nursing pillow to prop up the babies’ heads while they are getting fed from a bottle.

As there are fewer real twin nursing pillows available in the market, you have fewer options to choose from. Still, you should look for some attributes in your nursing pillow to ensure your and your twin’s comfort.


The size of the pillow is very important as the babies will require some room to move within the pillow. Twin pillows come in several sizes, so getting into them may appear to be critical.

Before purchasing a twin nursing pillow, make sure it will support you and the lovely twin perfectly. It should not be too tight for the babies. A tight fit nursing pillow would put pressure on the babies and make it unpleasant for them.

You should choose a nursing pillow that would let the babies comfortably lie within it. The babies should be able to stretch within the pillow too as they are getting acclimatized to the environment.

Also, get a nursing pillow taking the growth of your twin in mind. In the early stage, the growth rate of infants is moderately high. So, a twin nursing pillow that can accommodate your twin after 6-12 months should be a priority.

Foam Quality 

The quality of a twin feeding pillow depends heavily on the quality of foam used in it. The foam determines the comfort level that the pillow can offer. So, it is very important to look out while making a purchase decision.

Most good-quality nursing pillows use polyurethane foam within them. They are quite good in terms of comfort. But the best is if you can get a nursing pillow with memory foam. They are one of the best quality foams out there.

These memory and polyurethane foams provide a great cradling experience for your twins. Whether you choose to breastfeed or bottle-feed them, these high-quality foams will offer the right relaxation for you and the babies.

The perfect pillow should offer infants adequate softness against their heads. Avoid firmer pillows as they can put pressure on the babies’ heads. But don’t go for a pillow that is too soft. That can be a suffocation hazard for your twins. 


Twins breast feeding pillow are all about comfort and usability. As feeding two babies simultaneously is not easy, a good nursing pillow should be able to give the mother proper support to handle her twin.

It takes a toll on even the healthiest mother’s body to feed her twin at once. So, a twin nursing pillow should have adequate back support for the mother to reduce the strain on her back.

This is one of the key reasons why twin nursing pillows were created in the first place. So, you must take a look at the pillows’ back support before deciding on a twin nursing pillow of your choice.

Check if the pillow allows a proper alignment with your spine. Alongside that, consider the baby support too. The babies should be able to have their shoulders and backs supported by the pillow.

Both the body posture of the mother and the babies are important to reduce the strain breastfeeding leaves on the participants’ bodies. Checking the customer reviews for your desired pillow that help you in this regard.


It is very common to have liquid-related accidents while feeding your twin. Whether you breastfeed them or bottle feed, spilling is bound to happen. So, it is necessary to get a waterproof nursing pillow for your twin.

Apart from spilling the milk, the babies can also vomit, pee or even poop while you are feeding them. That is when the liquid repellent feature of the pillow can kick in and reduce the amount of mess.

As you will be using the pillow for a long time, having these nifty features can prove to be very convenient in the long run. A good twin nursing pillow should be able to stand against any type of soiling.

So, this is something that you must consider while deciding on a pillow. Certainly, you would not want to create a mess that you will face difficulty cleaning up later. 


As discussed before, there are not many true twin nursing pillows available in the market. Only a few brands offer dedicated nursing pillows for twins. So, it is recommended that you check those brands before looking elsewhere.

My Brest Friend, The Twin Z, and TwinGo are the three most popular brands that offer nursing pillows for twins. They have established themselves in the market and have adequate product and market research facilities.

Newer brands may try to do different experiments with their products and try to offer things that may harm the mother and babies in the long run. That is why sticking with a renowned brand is much appreciated.

Ordering a twin nursing pillow from the established brands in the market is the key to making a good choice. As the industry for twin-feeding pillows is still growing, you should not trust every brand available in the market.


Although it is not a must-have, a warranty, for instance- a money-back guarantee or, a free trial feature of a nursing pillow is something to appreciate. It will let you find your comfort zone and return the pillow if you don’t like it.

Never order a nursing pillow that pops on your amazon list or you see online. There are a lot of things that might not be okay with that product. It seems like general advice but for nursing pillows, it is important to remember.

You should always check out those pillows that offer money-back or free exchange capability. So that even if the pillow that you received has problems with it you can exchange that pillow and get a new one.

Not all twin nursing pillow brands have these kinds of features. However, those who have them are probably the best ones in the market because they know what they are doing. So, always check them out first.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Do I really need a twin nursing pillow?

No. A twin nursing pillow offers a comfortable feeding experience for the mother and the babies. However, it is certainly not a must-have. You can feed your twin without a pillow anyway, but we doubt that will be comfortable.

Q2. What is the best position to use a twin nursing pillow?

Usually, you would have the pillow wrapped around your upper back and tandem nurse your twin with a football hold. That way it will be comfortable for you as the pillow would support your back and make your twin comfortable.

Q3. Are twin nursing pillows suitable for tandem nursing?

Yes, absolutely. A twin nursing pillow is designed to be able to tandem nurse your twin. You can breastfeed both of your babies simultaneously without having to face any problems. It makes the process of tandem nursing comfortable.

Q4. Can I use a twin nursing pillow to breastfeed in public?

Yes, you can. But for privacy, you may want to carry a tent-like cover or a poncho. If you want to avoid that hassle, you can carry the twin nursing pillow in your car and come over to it when your twin is hungry.

Q5. Are twin nursing pillows durable?

Yes, they are durable. If you get a good twin nursing pillow for your twin, you can expect it to serve you for 6-12 months easily. As your twin grows, you may need to get a pillow of a larger size but till then you would be just fine.

Wrapping It Up!

If you are struggling with back pain while trying to tandem feed your twin, a good twin nursing pillow is a must-try for you. It may be the solution to all your back problems while breastfeeding.

Choosing the best twin nursing pillow for you may appear to be tough. But you may choose any of our recommended pillows without any hesitation. All of them are perfectly fine for daily use and offer a lot of great features.

We hope that the article helped you. Best wishes to you and your twin.

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