Twins And Breastfeeding- When to Stop?

Twins And Breastfeeding When to Stop?

Because it contains all of the essential nutrients that a newborn needs to survive, breastfeeding is a significant part of the lives of young children. Nursing, on the other hand, can be challenging and time-consuming for new mothers (particularly first-time mothers).

Additionally, the process becomes significantly more challenging when there are twins to nurse rather than a single child. As a consequence of this, it is only natural for you to wonder when to stop breastfeeding twins. Do not be worried though; if you follow the right procedures, nursing will become easier for you as well as the twins, and weaning will start earlier than you anticipate.

How to Breastfeed Twins?


As NHS puts it, it is important that you keep on breastfeeding even after having twins. Not only is breastmilk a great source of protein and other nutrients, but breastfeeding also works as a great bonding activity as well as helps soothe your babies. 

There is no denying that breastfeeding will take a huge chunk of time of the day during the first few months. In order to breastfeed efficiently you can follow some guidelines.

Firstly, you may try to establish a routine to breastfeed your twins depending on your daily schedule and the need of the newborns. Some twin moms prefer to feed their babies at the same time, while others feed them one after the other. In this regard, you can start off with the same schedule for both of them and then customize it as per the demands of the twins.

Again, in order to nurse comfortably, you can consider using nursing pillows. These will keep your newborns safe and anxiety-free while feeding. If nursing pillows are not accessible to you at the moment, you can use rolled-up towels or normal pillows to nurse your twins.

How to Breastfeed Twins

You can also fiddle with feeding positions to find the right one that works for you and your babies. Find a position that is comfortable for the three of you, and breastfeeding will become a lot easier.

When To Stop Breastfeeding Twins?

When To Stop Breastfeeding Twins

There is no set time as to when you should stop breastfeeding. It should start within the first hour of birth and then continue exclusively for the first six months except for water. After 6 months they need to eat sufficient supplementary food along with breast milk. All the children including twins and triplets should continue to breastfeed for at least another two years

Also, there is no maximum time limit to stop breastfeeding your twins. Keep on nursing them as long as it feels natural, even if that exceeds the two-year time period. Breastfeeding not only nourishes the twins but moreover acts as a bonding activity between the mom and the babies. Moreover, it will be comforting to them when they are ill or in an uncomfortable situation.

If you notice your twins getting uninterested in nursing time or getting impatient, it might be a sign to slowly stop breastfeeding them.

How To Stop Breastfeeding Twins?

How To Stop Breastfeeding Twins

Sometimes moms must stop breastfeeding owing to uncomfortable breasts, returning to work, another pregnancy, and so on. In these circumstances, you must discontinue breastfeeding gradually.

To begin, establishing a loose pattern and breastfeeding them two to three times per day, combined with additional meals, may be beneficial. Make their breastmilk supply even more sparse once they’ve become used to it. During this time, you can begin offering them solid food, often known as weaning. If you do not intend to breastfeed your babies at night, weaning twins during the designated nursing period will keep them occupied.

With patience and a steady decrease in nursing, you should be able to quit breastfeeding your twins in a few months of time.

How To Feed Newborn Twins At Night?

How To Feed Newborn Twins At Night

Feeding twins is hard, feeding them at night time is even harder as the new parents do not get enough time to rest anyways. However, by doing certain things you can make this experience go smoother. Keeping the same feeding routine for both twins, making a nighttime routine, and religiously following that will help tremendously. Both newborns and toddlers thrive under routined and scheduled lifestyles.

Secondly, it is not sustainable for the mother to wake up every night in order to feed the twins. Diving the night between the two parents in four to six-hour cycles will help you both get enough rest. In this regard, getting a breast pump to pump out the breast milk and freezing it is a good option. This way, the lactating parent will not have to get up every single time to feed the babies. Don’t forget to check out my reviews for the best breast pumps here!

You can find breast milk storage bottles online that will keep the breastmilk cool and usable in the refrigerator for a long period of time.


Breast milk is essential in building your twins’ health and immunity. Moreover, breastfeeding creates a uniquely intimate bond between the mom and the babies which cannot be compared to anything else. Even though eventually all the babies stop breastfeeding, there are no strict instructions on when to stop breastfeeding twins. Therefore, keep breastfeeding your babies as long as you can, without a shadow of a doubt in your mind!

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