The 30 Twin Nursery Ideas That Never Go Out Of Style

twin nursery ideas

If you’re expecting twins and want to create a beautiful nursery for them, you might want to check out this article for some inspiration! We have listed a total of 30 twin nursery ideas that include both traditional and gender-neutral themes for your twin girls, twin boys, and even for twin boys and girls. Say hello to these latest twin nursery ideas!

Tips For Decorating A Nursery

Here are some things you might want to keep in mind while designing your twin nursery:

Choose A Color Palette

You might want to match the color of the furniture with the walls. Before buying any furniture or painting the walls, you should first decide which color schemes you want to choose. Do you want your nursery to have neutral or soft colors or do you want it to be colorful and lively?

Lighting Is Important

It is best to avoid harsh or bright lighting. Instead of using one type of lighting, you might want to use a combination of a few. You can install accent lights, diffused lights as well as ceiling lamps. Whichever you choose, you must install a nightlight for your twin nursery.

Measure Your Space

You might want to measure your space before investing in the nursery. Whether you have a small or big room, choosing a layout for the twin nursery is a very important step. Whichever layout you choose, make sure to have a comfy sofa or a rocking chair inside the room. You might also want to keep the changing table inside. Not having a practical floor plan can be quite hectic to work with.

Start early

You might want to start planning and designing your nursery during the very early days of your pregnancy. You’ll become too busy or too tired if you begin to design the nursery during the second or third trimester of your pregnancy. You can get done with the main tasks such as fixing the walls and buying the furniture during the first months of your pregnancy.

Noise control

You might want to choose a room that is away from the noise. A corner room that is away from the living room or away from the streets might be a potential nursery room.

One diaper-changing station is enough

Just because you’re having twins doesn’t mean that you have to get two of everything. Sure, you can get two cribs but two diaper-changing stations are not necessary. You can use one to change the diapers of both your twins.

Don’t Splurge Unnecessarily

When designing the nursery, you’ll stumble upon very adorable but very expensive things. However, splurging unnecessarily can be quite wasteful as you will be turning the nursery room into a bedroom for your twins in the near future.

Nursery Ideas For Twin Boys

We have listed ten twin-boy nursery themes that are modern, stylish, and have a practical layout.

1. Oh, So Blue

This one is definitely a classic! The color palette feels just right – the baby blue tones mix in well with the white and gray. It is always a good idea to match the wall colors with the furniture. If you are doing a blue room for the boys, you can also get blue plushies or teddies to match the nursery’s aesthetics.

2. Animal Safari

A safari-themed nursery is a theme that your twins will love for years to come. You could do a fun, green leafy wallpaper or keep it simple like the picture above. For this theme, you might want to decorate the room using stuffed zoo animals like a large giraffe or an elephant. You could also fill up an empty corner with a stunning indoor low-maintenance plant.

3. Outer Space

A space-themed nursery is always a fun choice for a twin nursery. It is a gender-neutral theme with which you can do lots. You can keep the color palette soft and light or move forward with deep and dark tones. For decorations, you can use wall stickers or posters of space rockets, planets, stars, and astronauts. You can also place space-themed pillows, blankets, curtains, and lots more to make the nursery look out of this world.

4. Cool Cactus

This is an adorable nursery idea. If you have wooden floors, you can paint cactuses on the walls and use white or neutral-colored furniture to create a soft yet warm nursery room.

5. Bold & Elegant

Although this one is quite simple, it screams elegance and class. The solid-colored wall gives this room a bold and modern look. Instead of painting all the walls green or in the color of your choice, you could paint only one wall and keep the rest white. Instead of cluttering the room with toys and wall stickers, you might want to keep the decor simple as well. However, make sure to color-coordinate the furniture to bring understated luxury to the nursery. If you are doing a bold green background, you can choose brown, beige, white, or even black color palettes for furniture.

6. Cool N Cloudy

This is a personal favorite from the list. We love how cozy this nursery is. For this theme, you can decorate the room with cloud-themed wallpaper, drape curtains, and fairy lights.

7. Light Yet Bright

If most of your furniture is white, it won’t hurt to add a pop of color. You can do bold curtains, a colorful rug, or even add a few plants inside the nursery. Instead of putting the two cribs side by side, you can keep them at opposite ends to create more space. This design is great, especially if you have a small nursery.

8. Funky Wallpaper

Cool wallpapers, combined with Aztec prints, will help to make the nursery look bright and lively. It will also make the nursery look different from the rest.

9. Round Cribs

A great way to make the nursery luxurious is by getting stylish and unique furniture such as these round cribs. Since your twins will be around the age of 2 or 3, you can keep their toys and storybooks on a shelf for easy access.

10. Pop Of Color

Orange, aqua, and gray are perfect color choices for a twin nursery. You can keep the cribs together on one side of the room and use a wall sticker or paint by yourselves to add a more personalized touch.

Nursery Ideas For Twin Girls

These gorgeous twin nursery ideas are bound to inspire you to create a special space for your twin girls. Below are ten popular and elegant ideas that are easy to follow and create!

1. Baskin’ In Pink

This nursery is super girly and super cute. Everything is draped in ballet pink. The interior looks sweet and dreamy. As you can see, all the furniture is in the same color. The walls are kept super simple. You can make this nursery look super cozy by adding a big comfy sofa, using canopy curtains over the cribs, and adding just a bit of color by attaching artificial flowers on top of the cribs.

2. Woodland

This is a gender-neutral theme that is perfect for inspiring a love for the great outdoors. You can use soft and neutral colors to decorate this room. You can do a woodland wall, use soft lighting, and keep stuffed woodland animals like bears, foxes, and deer among others on the shelves or beside the couches.

3. Vintage

A vintage interior such as this one will help to create an elegant twin nursery without having to spend a large sum of money. This type of interior is ideal for small rooms as well.

You can paint the walls ballet pink, keep a changing table in between the cribs, and hang some pictures of swans or other animals for decor. If you are using colors such as pink and golden, make sure that your furniture matches the color schemes of the room as well.

4. Dreamy

This theme is super easy to do. You can make your nursery look super dreamy by adding just a few decorative items. You can hang these cloud lights on the walls. You can also stick artificial flowers on the walls for a more feminine look. If you want to be a little extra, you can decorate the room using upholstered wall panels as well. It is best if you do not use bright colors for this theme.

5. Teddy-Themed

You can’t go wrong with teddies. Your twin girls are likely to play with their teddies for a good part of their childhood. This theme is quite easy to do. All you have to do is can paste a few wall stickers of teddy bears and you’re good to go.

6. Peachy

A peachy nursery is indeed a very cute one. There isn’t much to do with this theme. You can paint peaches on the walls or use wall stickers. You can also use peach-colored sheets, pillows, and blankets to match the walls.

7. Moon & Stars

Another great gender-neutral theme is this one. You can do a lot with this theme. You can paint clouds on the walls using different neutral colors or do cool wallpaper. You can stick these wall stickers of the moon and stars, drape your twins’ cribs with chiffon or lacey canopy curtain, and stick to a specific color scheme.

8. Rainbow Reign

Add playful colors to your nursery using rainbow wallpaper. Instead of using bright colors, you might want to use a pale rainbow color scheme. You can create a cozy atmosphere by decorating the nursery with stuffed toys, plushies, canopy curtains, and a fluffy rug.

9. Flower Power

This nursery is sweet and simple yet super functional. The floral background and the rich textures make the nursery look gorgeous and elegant. You can use a navy and white color scheme to decorate the nursery. If you’re good at painting, you may paint the flowers on the walls by yourself. You can use navy bed sheets, pillows, and blankets. You can also place a patterned rug in front of the cribs.

10. Hot Air Balloons

Fairy lights, canopy curtains, and hot air balloon wall stickers make this nursery complete. You can also stick a few balloons on the walls for further decoration.

Nursery Ideas For Twin Girl And Boy

Whether you want a traditional theme or a gender-neutral theme, we have got you covered! Here are ten amazing themes and ideas that you can take inspiration from for creating the perfect twin-boy and girl nursery.

1. Rustic

This is a great gender-neutral theme for designing a nursery for your twin girl and boy. The rustic interior can easily be created using wooden furniture, natural lighting, and using warm, earthy colors.

2. Black & White

There’s so much you can do with a black-and-white nursery. You can do black and white wall art, cribs, rugs, pillows, or even toys. Instead of using white lights, you might want to consider using light yellow LED lights for a more soft look.

3. Pink & Blue

This is a classic color scheme for your twin nursery. A sweet and soothing pink and blue interior will make your nursery stand out. You can put the two cribs side by side, keep a rocking chair or a sofa beside the cribs, and create a diapering station on the other end of the room.

4. Farmland

A farmland theme is best to do if you want a gender-neutral nursery for your twin girl and boy. You can put stuffed farmland animals inside the cribs or on the shelves.  You can also stick decals of clouds on the walls. For a more personalized touch, you can make origami flapping birds and hang them over the cribs. Here’s how you can make those origami flapping birds!

5. Cheery & Colorful

Allow yourself to have fun while designing the nursery! You can keep the furniture and the walls plain white while adding colorful and printed rugs, wall art, wall decorations, and lots more to make the room look alive and cheery. A rule to remember is not to be afraid to add colors to the white interior.

6. Sophisticated Neutrals

If you’re not a big fan of loud interiors, you can opt for a neutral theme. The color palette for this theme would include lots of beige, brown, and off-white. You can keep the walls plain or use a simple wallpaper. You may want to match the color of the cribs with the shelves or other furniture in the room. For lighting, you can install a ceiling lamp and keep a few accent lights over the changing station or the sofa.

7. Cute & Cozy

If your nursery room is quite small, you might want to follow this idea to maximize space. You can keep the two cribs separate by adding a changing table in between. You can also install a big, fluffy rug to cover the whole area. If you are unable to fit all your twins’ clothes in one cupboard, you may install hooks on the walls so that you can easily hang clothes, toys, and other things for easy access.

8. Surfin’ Away

Create a beach-themed nursery for your future surfers! It might be best if you keep the furniture such as the cribs, shelves, sofa, and chairs white. You can add colors by painting waves on the walls or by adding wall stickers of waves on the lower part of the wall. For wall decorations, you can stick mini surfboards or pictures of coconut trees on part of the wall while keeping the other walls simple and plain. A big rug that covers a good part of the area may be a good idea for avoiding awkward empty spaces.

9. All-White Nursery

If you want your nursery to have a calm and refreshing vibe, you might want to opt for an all-white nursery look. You can use white furniture such as white cribs, white sofas, and even white cupboards. You may add a few statement pieces such as a tall indoor plant in one corner of the room. You may also add neutral wall art and a large ceiling lamp to create a minimal yet stylish nursery.

10. Boho

Create a boho-inspired nursery using warm and earthy colors, patterns, and textures. You can cover the floor with a large printed rug and hang some boho wall art. You can also place a few poufs near the cribs.

Twin Nursery Layouts That Are Practical And Functional

Here are a few twin nursery layouts that allow you to design a twin nursery in the most practical way ever:

Symmetrical Layout

Most people opt for a symmetrical layout which means that you will be splitting the nursery into two equal halves. This type of layout helps to make the room look balanced.

Crib Corner

You can keep the cribs together like this on one side of the room. This way, your nursery may look more spacious.

However, there might be a problem. When your twins will begin to crawl or walk, there is a high chance that they will want to crawl into each other’s cribs. If you keep the cribs together, your twins are likely to make an attempt. This may not be the safest option as your twins can easily fall out of the cribs. 

If you do like this layout, you can get a crib with tall rails to reduce the chances of injuries.

Another layout you can try is to keep the cribs separate with a plant in between.

You can easily fill awkward empty spaces using this layout. You don’t necessarily have to keep a plant in between the cribs. You can place other furniture like a table or a small shelf between the cribs. This way, you can keep your twins’ feeding bottles, pacifiers, or toys on the table for quick access. 

Whichever layout you choose, one thing to keep in mind is to keep the cribs away from windows, heating vents, ceiling lamps, and wall decorations.

Diapering Station

You can easily create a diaper-changing station in one part of the room. If you have a cupboard for storing your twins’ clothes and other things, you can place a diaper-changing pad on top and keep a shelf beside the cupboard to stock up on some necessities. You can place diapers, wipes, lotions, onesies, and other such things on the shelf so that you don’t have to run around for things when changing your twins’ diapers.

Nursery Chair

A nursery chair is an essential item for your twin nursery, especially during feeding time. A designated nursery chair is also great for singing lullabies to your twins. You can keep a big comfy chair or a rocking chair near the cribs or you can place it opposite the crib.

Luxury Twin Nursery Ideas For 2023

If you’re feeling a bit extra, here are some ideas from which you can take inspiration to create a luxury twin nursery!

1. Wall Mural

A large-scale wall mural on one of the walls will make your nursery look modern and elegant.

2. Area Rug

A large rug that covers the entire area makes the nursery look complete. You can layer the rugs on top of each other to add more textures.

3. Closet

Build a walk-in closet for your twins! Large open cabinets, spotlights, and a carpeted floor are some of the essentials for the closet. You can also place one or two chairs or even a crib inside the walk-in closet!

Creating a perfect nursery requires time and careful planning so you might want to start working on the nursery early. We have listed multiple modern and stylish twin nursery ideas that have a practical design, which makes them suitable for small rooms as well.

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