11 Tips for Taking Care of Twin Pregnancy

To adjust the body and mind according to this new chapter of life, mothers need a detailed plan and support from everyone around them. The care that they get these 9 months will support and ensure their and their babies’ physical and mental well-being.

During these months, parents go through an intense transition that grows them internally and makes them ready to help their children grow. These habits are just the beginning to help you adapt to the major changes your twins will bring into your lives.

From your sleeping schedule to your food habits, your entire lifestyle will alter. Some of the habits are just maintaining hygiene and a healthy lifestyle so that your delicate and adorable munchkins are safe and healthy when they finally arrive.

Dietary Plan

The first thing that pregnant moms should care about is what they are consuming. Whatever a mother eats during pregnancy, stays with the children even after they are born.

A proper nutrition guideline and dietary chart are essential in order to have a healthy pregnancy. This is specifically important for twin pregnancies because of the increased health risk they have.

To prevent the risk and have enough nutrition, you can try to make a list of food or meal to have with a balanced diet every week. Your physician or nutritionist can help you make a diet that provides the minerals and vitamins needed to grow your twins.

Keep protein and carbohydrates in every meal you eat. In the first trimester, you need to add extra 10 grams of protein on top of the amount that is necessary for a nonpregnant woman. In terms of calories try to add 300 in the first 3 months, then 340 in the second one, and 452 calories in the last trimester. You can get a full list of vitamin intake list by experts here.

Avoid Certain Food

Some food will be harmful to you or increase the risk of developing diseases. Therefore it is best to avoid them. For example, eating raw fish or sushi might give your cramps. Unpasteurized milk and dairy products should be avoided at any cost. Even smoked fish should be avoided as you could get diseases like listeria from it.

Wash and Cook Properly

While making meals during your pregnancy you have to be very careful not to eat anything contaminated. To ensure that always make sure to wash your fruits and vegetables properly with clean water. Make sure there is no soil attached to your fruits.

Before preparing meals, wash your hands and clean the utensils. Maintain proper hygiene to avoid unnecessary stomach cramps. It is also important to cook your meals properly. Otherwise, germs will remain on the surface of the food which might give you stomach issues. Especially while cooking meat, poultry, pork, etc try to cook them thoroughly to avoid any health issues. Raw vegetables and food should be strictly avoided during this time to ensure the proper health of mothers and twins.

Wash and Cook Properly

Get Sleep

Taking enough rest and sleeping for a good amount of time is necessary for the healthy growth of your baby. According to experts, you need about 7-9 hours of sleep during pregnancy.

For an average adult, it is enough to get 6-8 hours of sleep at night. But for pregnant mothers, getting an ample amount of sleep is essential. Moreover, it is better to sleep on your left side as it improves the blood flow in your body.

Stay Hydrated

Throughout the entire pregnancy journey, the only safe liquid is water. You need to drink the right amount of water to avoid dehydration. Pregnant women need more water than anyone.

According to experts, you need to drink more than 8 cups of water every day. Make sure the water is fresh and filtered. Although water from the tap might seem safe for others, pregnant moms need to be safer than sorry. Therefore, always filter your water before drinking.

An easy solution for that is getting a water filter instilled refrigerator so that you can store your food and get safe drinking water without having to buy another filter.

No Smoking or Alcohol

When you get pregnant, it is time to take a break from smoking and drinking. It might be hard for those who are regular smokers or drinkers.

However, these two activities could create a critical issue for both you and your twins. Smoking increases the chance of miscarriage, premature birth, and infant death syndrome. Drinking alcohol increases the risk of FISD(fetal alcohol spectrum disorder) which causes behavioral and learning disabilities among kids as well as abnormal facial features.

Even women who are trying to get pregnant should avoid drinking as it might cause serious diseases in the early stage of a fetus. Especially with twin pregnancies where the risk of miscarriage and other diseases are usually higher, you need to be extremely careful to avoid alcohol and smoking.

Saying no to caffeine: Do you have to completely stop consuming caffeine? No, but you can’t drink as much as a nonpregnant mother can. Limiting caffeine will be necessary during your pregnancy. But the right amount can be decided by your doctor based on your BMI, and health condition. Don’t be surprised if they ask you to avoid caffeine completely as it can be harmful to your twins too.

Mental Health

It is very common to be stressed and anxious during pregnancy. Especially if this is your first time, you will be excited, stressed, and anxious about what is to come. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you find yourself to be tired from all the stress.

However, you need to try to relax as much as you can. Taking care of your mental health at this time is essential because whatever you feel can affect your twins as well. To relieve your stress, you can try to join yoga classes, talk to your friends, and reach out to other pregnant mothers to share your worries. Your partner may help you in this case as well.

Going for a spa or massage can also be very relaxing. However, whatever you do, make sure to inform them about your situation and don’t try anything that causes you to push yourself physically.

Physical Activity

While we talk about mental health and physical health, exercise comes up automatically as a remedy for both. If you are wondering if exercising is allowed during this time, the answer is absolute. Pregnant moms can exercise just like anyone else.

The only difference is that they need some safer and different methods or moves to help release their stress and stay physically active. You can do moderate pr light activities where there is no risk of getting hurt in your abdomens like football or basketball.

You can try to go for 150 minutes of activity according to experts. Try to go for a walk in the park near your house. Yoga classes are great for pregnant women. Try to wear comfortable clothes that are not too tight. Avoid any activity that makes you uncomfortable and tired. Stay away from hot tubs like spas as they could potentially be harmful.


Another good way to relieve stress and improve your mental health is through self-care. Oftentimes, especially after the babies are born, mothers forget to take care of themselves. Although it doesn’t seem as important, you need to remember that a healthy mother can take care of her babies better.

Always try to make some time for yourself where you can do your favorite activity for yourself, don’t worry about anything else, and do things you like. A small session of self-care will make you realize what you were missing out on.

As a starter, you can start with skincare. Try to buy some facemasks or nice-smelling shampoo that you can put on while you relax. Try to read a book or listen to some music. Some essential oils are great for improving your mood and helping you relax. Light up some scented candles or essential oil while you make your meal, watch your favorite series, wash your dishes, or put on your skincare. Small things like these will give you a nice time that you can look forward to amidst all the words and stress.

Support System

After all the self-care and mental health sessions you do, you will still need a strong support system to get you through this critical period of your life. From giving you mental support to accompanying you during your doctor’s visit, you will need people around you who can help you with everything. It can be your husband, family members, your friends, or other pregnant women.

It entirely depends on you whom you trust and want as your support system. Usually, it is a good idea to have some people other than your partner with that you can share your stress and can count on even after your delivery. This way, you will feel like sharing your responsibility and stress with people who will support you through it all.

Routine Check-up

Healthy pregnancy can’t be ensured without a doctor’s help. Your doctor is your biggest supporter in this journey. They can help you with information, ideas, and advice to ensure a healthy pregnancy and a safe environment. Therefore, make sure to visit your healthcare professional during the 9 months regularly.

It is also a good idea to get a screening test as soon as you get pregnant so that you can have an overall idea of the deficiency you have and what you need to eat. After the first 4 months, you can also get an ultrasound and make sure your babies are growing faster and safer.

As a mother of twins, a doctor’s visit is specifically important to avoid any complications that might occur. Check-ups can also tell you if your baby’s weight is on the right track and what you need to do next.

Routine Check-up

Educate Yourself

Educate Yourself

Pregnancy is a complicated process. Your body will change, your hormones will fluctuate, and you will have mental health issues even after the baby is born. So, educating yourself can make your journey smooth and less worrisome.

Twin pregnancy is different than singleton too. Twin mothers need to consume vitamins more than those with a single child. Twin pregnancy care is also different when it comes to health issues. Staying informed will save you a lot of time and help you not get confused about things. Some basic and small pieces of information will save you time at the doctor too.

To ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy, it is advised to stay informed from before pregnancy to even after. You can try to read articles like this one on the internet. There is a lot of research appears that will give you scientifically proven insights. Moreover, you can try to read books on pregnancy while you try to relax. A great book about the first-year journey of twin pregnancy can be What To Do When You Are Having Two. You can also try to watch this video on healthcare tips for pregnant women


Educating yourself is never a bad idea when you are about to explore a new chapter of your life with twins. You can try to read as many articles and books as you like to be well-informed and have a better idea of how to handle the whole parenting thing.

Just remember every mother has different habits, different lifestyles, issues, etc. Therefore, on top of the basic ideas of care tips, twin mothers might need to follow some more tips provided by their doctors. Regular check-ups and follow-up sessions with midwives or doctors are necessary. Whatever the tip or habit might be the end goal should be the same: having a healthy pregnancy.

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