The 15 Best Twin Baby Shower Ideas That Are Truly Special

Best Twin Baby Shower Ideas

You have a 1 in 250 chance of a twin pregnancy, so why not make your baby shower unique as well? Planning a baby shower for your twins can be fun yet a bit overwhelming as well.

There are so many things you have to plan – what themes to choose, the design of the cakes, and how you will be sending out the invites. If you are clueless about how to plan the baby shower, do not worry as we have curated a list of fun, unique, and cute ideas that will make your baby shower a memorable experience for all!

Before we begin, there are some factors that should be put into consideration so that you have an idea about how you want your baby shower to turn out.

Selecting The Date

A baby shower is usually hosted four to six weeks before the due date. However, since twins are more likely to be born early, it might be best to host the party way before your due date. 

How Many Guests Are You Expecting?

Do you want your baby shower to be an intimate event where you invite only your closest girlfriends and family members or do you want to turn this into a big event? It all depends on the venue and on your budget.

Dress code

If you are following a theme, should you implement a dress code for your guests as well? It might look a bit odd if the baby shower is full of pastels and light tones and your guests arrive in bright, eye-catching colors. 


Do you want to send out invitations virtually or do you want it to be in person? Whichever you choose, make sure to include all relevant information such as the date, timing, address, and phone number in the invite. 

Snacks And Beverages  

The best option is to keep things simple. For snacks, you can include both sweet and savory appetizers. You can arrange a dessert table and put cookies, tarts, cinnamon rolls, candies, cupcakes, muffins, and lots more. For savory snacks, you can include popcorn, mini waffles, salads, deviled eggs, and rolls among others. 

The trick is to keep lots of finger foods that are not messy and can be served at room temperature. If you want the mom-to-be to be happy with the food selection, you should definitely include some, if not all, of her favorite snacks. As for beverages, you can include non-alcoholic drinks such as fresh juices, pink lemonade, or mocktails or you can include a few bottles of wines, champagne, and beer for your guests. 


If you want to make your baby shower a fun event, you can include a few games. You can host active games such as a diaper-change relay race or a bottle toss game using feeding bottles in your backyard. Other fun games include the due date guessing game or baby shower bingo that you and your guests can easily play in your living room. However, games are completely optional. You do not have to organize anything that you are not completely on board with. 

Now, let us look at some unique and fun baby shower ideas. We have grouped them into three categories that are Baby Shower Ideas For Twin Girls, Baby Shower Ideas For Twin Boys, and Baby Shower Ideas For Twin Girls And Boys.

Baby Shower Ideas For Twin Girls

1. Ballerina-Themed Baby Shower

This is one of the best baby shower themes you can do for twin girls. Everything is draped in soft pink tulle. You can decorate the ceilings with a combination of pink and white balloons. This is a theme that can be hosted at any time of the day, be it in broad daylight or at night.

You could also decorate the dining table with pink tulle and flowers.

Instead of doing the regular square-shaped invitations, you can make it a bit extra by using the cutout of a ballerina such as these ones.

2. A Princess Party

Although this is a very common theme, there are lots you can do with it. This baby shower will include lots of sequins, glitter, tulle, and plenty of pink for your little princesses. You can make tiaras for your girlfriends and tell everyone to wear gowns and tulles just like princesses. You can also do an all-pink dessert table and serve Strawberry Pina Coladas to your guests.

The dessert table can look something like this!

You could do a big fondant cake like this as well.

For the baby shower invitations, you could take inspiration from these:

3. Boho Baby Shower

A Boho Baby Shower will be a rather relaxing evening. The colors for the Boho Baby Shower are earthy and neutral tones. You can hang dreamcatchers from the ceilings, arrange a backdrop using sandy roses and beige and white balloons, and use wooden plates and cutleries to serve the food.

4. Babie Baby Shower

This is a fun theme where you and your girlfriends can dress up like barbies. The dress code for this theme should obviously be pink. You can keep accessories like hot pink sunglasses and wigs on display so that you and your guests can do a fun photoshoot. You can even arrange a photobooth and include printable props as well. The place can easily be decorated using lots of pink balloons, pink chairs, a pink backdrop, and pink sequins.

5. Tea For Two

This is a very cute theme that you can easily do in your backyard. All you have to do is decorate the table with your best china, silver, and linens. You can do different types of tea, be it black tea or herbal tea. You can also place a few bouquets of flowers on the table and line a few flowers on the chairs as well.

For invitation cards, you might want to use soft colors and witty phrases. These may look like:

Baby Shower Ideas For Twin Boys

If you’re more into traditional baby shower themes for twin boys, then you should expect a lot of blues, whites, and dark hues. We have included traditional themes that focus on sports and cars but we have also added a few gender-neutral themes that are equally as fun and cute.

1. Sports-Themed Baby Shower

A great baby shower idea for twin boys is to follow a sports theme. You can do football, basketball, baseball, or whatever sports you like. This theme is quite easy to do. All you need to do is put up some balloons, hang a few cutouts of the baseball or football on the wall, and arrange a sports-themed dessert table.

For food, you might want to serve the guests hot dogs, hamburgers, and french fries. You could also host a barbeque in your backyard. For dessert, you can put sugar cookies shaped like basketballs, baseballs, and footballs. You can also place protein bars that are popular among athletes on the table.

You can make the invitation card look like a ticket for the game or you could take inspiration from these:

2. Jungle Boogie Baby Shower

A safari-themed baby shower for your twin boys is perhaps one of the cutest baby shower themes. You can place large cutouts of zoo animals like giraffes, lions, tigers, and zebras at the entrance, in the dining area, and next to the photo booth. You can also place stuffed animals and animal-shaped balloons for decoration. 

The color palette for this theme includes lots of greens and browns so make sure to match your desserts and cakes with the colors. If you are not doing animal-themed cakes and cookies, you can keep it simple by using different shades of green, yellow, and brown icing to decorate the cupcakes and cookies.

If you want to send out baby shower invites, here are a few designs you can choose from. You can keep it classy by using a limited color palette or you can make it super cute by adding doodles of the zoo animals on the card.

3. Mustache-Themed Baby Shower

It is just so much you can do with a mustache theme. You can do mustache sugar cookies, cupcakes, and cakes. You can also include party props for the photo booth. I really like this theme because you don’t have to spend a lot on decor. All you have to do is get a few mustache printables, cutouts, and party props.

For the baby shower invitations, you could take inspiration from these:

4. Sweet As Can Bee

This is a very cute gender-neutral baby shower theme. The color palette for this theme is yellow and black, just like a bumble bee. You can keep the decor simple by using a cute backdrop, yellow and black balloons, and a dessert table. If you’re including flowers, you should definitely choose sunflowers. 

For the baby shower invitations, you could include doodles of bumble bees, honeycombs, and flowers. Check out these cards for ideas!

5. Two Fast Two Handle

A great way to spice up this baby shower theme is to add one or two big cars in front of the main booth. What’s great is that your boys will be able to drive these cars when they are finally here so your money won’t go to waste. You can also decorate the place using F1 balloons and cutouts of race cars.

You can also do sugar cookies like these ones for your dessert table!

For the baby shower invitations, you could do something like this.

Baby Shower Ideas For Twin Boy And Girl

While there are a million baby shower ideas for twin boys and twin girls, there aren’t as many options for a twin boy and girl. But, not to worry. We have a list of five baby shower ideas that are timeless, unique, and will really help to set the mood of the party.

1. Royalty

This is a theme that will never go out of fashion. You can do a lot with this theme without having to spend a great deal of money. The color palette for this theme is blue and pink so you should adorn the place with blue and pink balloons, flowers, cupcakes, sugar cookies, and lots more. You can do separate sections for the boy and girl like in the picture shown above.  

You can make the invitation look like a scroll so that everything really does feel like royalty.

2. Two Peas In A Pod

This is a very cute gender-neutral theme that is perfect for a baby shower. The color palette for this theme is different shades of green with a dash of white. 

You could do an all-green dessert table and actually serve peas at the party. There are many fun, yummy dishes that you can make with peas such as Pea Pesto Crostini, Pea Bruschetta, or even a Spring Pea Soup. If you want to match the food with the theme, you can also serve creamy avocado pasta, pesto pasta, or spinach sauce pasta. You could arrange a salad bar and a green juice section as well.

Ideas for the invitation cards:

3. Disneyland Baby Shower

You can’t go wrong with a Disney-themed baby shower. You could do a Pink Minnie Mouse section for the girl and a Blue Mickey Mouse section for the boy. You could also include flower bouquets shaped like Disney characters for over-the-top decor.

You can do Disney-inspired cookies and cakes such as these ones:

4. Moon And Stars

If you plan on hosting the baby shower at night, a “Moon And Stars” theme might be perfect. You can keep the decor simple. All you have to do is hang the cutouts of stars and moon. You could also hang fairy lights from the ceilings and curtains to achieve a dreamy look. Moreover, soft, fluffy cushions and rugs are must-have items for this theme!

The trick is to use soft colors for this theme. So, your dessert table should look something like this:

5. Teddy Bear Baby Shower

Teddy bears are a big part of childhood. So, what can be better than a Teddy Bear Baby Shower Party? The decor can be kept very simple by just using soft-colored balloons and large teddy bears. The color palette for this theme can be kept limited to different shades of brown. 

The dessert table can look something like this:

Planning a baby shower is never easy. There are lots of things you need to take into consideration while planning a baby shower. The trick is to keep things simple and fun so that everyone, especially the mom-to-be, has a wonderful time. While there are millions of baby shower ideas out there, you can use the ideas mentioned above to have a unique and out-of-the-box shower to welcome the twins.

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