The 30 Unique Ways To Announce Your Twin Pregnancy

twin pregnancy announcement ideas

If you have just discovered that you are having twins and are looking for a unique way to break the news to your friends and family, you might want to keep reading. We have included thirty funny, creative, and cute twin pregnancy announcement ideas that will surely make everyone’s jaw drop.

1. Letterboarding It

A great way of announcing your twin pregnancy is by using a letterboard. You can add a personal touch by customizing the message. You can also place polaroid photographs of the ultrasound scan next to the letterboard. You can throw in a few legos or place two or three action figures or miniature dolls from your childhood next to the letterboard.

2. Uh Oh. Plot Twist!

This is a fun way of announcing that you are not having one baby but two! What’s great about this announcement idea is that you can dress your twins in these onesies once they arrive.

3. We Love Surprises!

Planned for one and getting two? Surprise or not, adding new members to our family is always a pleasant experience.

4. Copy & Paste

This is another hilarious way of announcing your twin pregnancy. If you are expecting identical twins, these onesies are great for the announcement.

5. Complete Each Other’s Sentences

If you are a fan of “How I Met Your Mother”, you’ll be familiar with this catchphrase. These onesies are adorable and make quite a clever way to announce the twin pregnancy. 

6. BOGO Offer

This is a classic way of announcing your twin pregnancy. You’ll be sure to get a good few laughs out of everyone. The BOGO offer is a great way of saying that you’re expecting two babies instead of one. This announcement idea is great if both parents are shopaholics.

7. Guess What?

You can use these adorable onesies to announce your twin pregnancy to your loved ones. You can also add the due date on the onesies for a more personalized touch.

8. Coming Soon

Another fun way to announce your twin pregnancy is by using these witty onesies. You and your partner can hold the onesies up together or place them in a basket along with newborn shoes, pacifiers, or even feeding bottles.

9. Let The Siblings Break The News

Instead of announcing the twin pregnancy by yourself and your partner, you can let the siblings-to-be do it. All you need is a chalkboard, some balloons, and cute paper cutouts or confetti.

10. 1 + 2 = 4

This is an easy and effortless way of announcing your pregnancy – one plus two equals four when you have two buns in your oven. For this announcement idea, all you need is a blank wall and chalk.

11. New To The Crew

If you are already a pet mom, you can involve your pets to make your twin pregnancy announcement unforgettable. You can add quirky captions such as “My cat is super excited to be a big sister/brother!” or “I’m no longer the baby of the house”.

12. Book Cover

This is another fun way of involving your pets in your pregnancy announcement. All you have to do is get a large book and print a cover saying “What To Expect When Your Human Is Expecting”. You can add funny questions on the back of the cover. You can also include the due date so that your friends and family know when the twins will be arriving.

13. Prayed For One, Blessed With Two

This announcement idea is perfect for couples who have been trying to get pregnant for a while with the use of IVF treatments or surrogacy. You can do t-shirts or onesies with the caption “Prayed For One, Blessed With Two”. You can also add a personalized touch by using letterboards, soft toys, or even feeding bottles.

14. Two Little Pumpkins

A festive twin pregnancy announcement will help to set the mood for the holidays. If you want to share the news of your twin pregnancy during the fall, pumpkins and autumn leaves are a must. You can also make the announcement a bit spooky if it is close to Halloween.

15. From Favorite Friend To Favorite Auntie

Instead of sharing the news via social media, you can arrange an intimate hangout with your closest friends and family and hand out these cards in envelopes. You can make the cards look like a promotion notice. You can also include a picture of the ultrasound in the envelopes.

16. Sleep Tight

This is a cute and funny way to announce the twin pregnancy. This announcement makes perfect sense as you won’t actually be able to sleep 8 hours every night once your twins arrive.

17. Let Baby Yoda Say It

If you’re a fan of Star Wars, you can use famous action figures to announce the news. For instance, you can use an action figure of Baby Yoda and include a catchphrase such as “I would like to see the baby” on the letterboard.

18. We’ve Been Eggspecting You.

If your due date is at or near Easter, you can announce your twin pregnancy in this way. You can write something witty on the letterboard, put a few eggs on the basket, and a few other props for decoration. You can place hair bows, hats, or even paper butterflies near the basket.

19. The More, The Merrier!

This is another festive twin pregnancy announcement, which is perfect for Christmas time. You can lift everyone’s mood with some exciting news just in time for the holidays.

20. Can’t Be The Only One With A Belly

Why should the mother be the only one with a belly bump? Let your guests indulge in these donuts so they can at least have what you call a “food baby”. This announcement idea is perfect for if you are unable to meet with your loved ones, you can send them a box of donuts with a note on top to break the news in a funny yet cute way.

21. Too Cute To Handle

God is bound to send you a set of twins when they turn out that cute! Get your hands on these adorable onesies for a precious twin pregnancy announcement.

22. Double The Fun

Since you will be dealing with two babies at once, you will be making twice as many memories side by side working twice as hard. That means, double the cuddles and double the laundry. If you are looking for a fun and practical way of announcing your twin pregnancy, you can put these onesies on display along with legos, toys, shoes, and other such baby items for an Instagram-worthy announcement.

23. Best Friends Forever

Twins have so much in common – they share the same womb, the same birthday, and may even have the same DNA if they turn out to be identical. Whether it be in the womb or out of the womb, your twins are likely to enjoy a close bond with each other and may turn out to be BFFs in the long run. So, why not share the news of your twin pregnancy with your loved ones in this way?

24. Me Two!

This is a cute and witty way to announce your twin pregnancy. You can do it with onesies, t-shirts, or even letterboards. You can also add a bit of confetti to make the announcement more exciting!

25. Everything Times Two

These onesies are a perfect fit for letting your guests know that you are expecting two buns in your oven. If you are breaking the news via social media, you can follow this idea but keep in mind to coordinate the colors so that your post looks well-planned!

26. Well Played, Indeed

This is quite a funny pregnancy announcement and makes a great way to surprise your family and friends that you are expecting twins.

27. “Up” Inspired Pregnancy Announcement

For a unique twin pregnancy announcement idea, you can follow this theme inspired by the movie “Up”. You can do a DIY adventure book, attach a few balloons, place a picture of the ultrasound, and maybe include the due date so your dear ones are ready to shower your babies with love once they arrive.

28. Two Peas In A Pod

This one is great for a gender-neutral pregnancy announcement if you want to have a separate gender revealing party. You may personalize it by adding green plushies or toys shaped like peas.

29. Double Rainbow

We love this twin pregnancy announcement idea! Everything about it is so dreamy and adorable. You can customize the onesies by adding your surname such as “William’s Twins” along with the month and year of your twins’ arrival.

30. Two Heartbeats

Get in the frame and do your most shocked expression for this twin pregnancy announcement! It will definitely make your friends and family laugh a bit. All you need is a letterboard or a chalkboard for this idea.

We bet these twin pregnancy announcement ideas will definitely inspire you to come up with a fantastic way of sharing the news with your loved ones.

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