How To Feed Twins At The Same Time Like A Pro

How To Feed Twins At The Same Time

Feeding twins can be quite a challenging task, especially when both of them are hungry at the same time. If your partner or other family is home, they can always help you during the feeding session. However, there are times when you are all alone with the twins.

This is when things get quite difficult since you only have two hands. But do not worry, there are many ways for feeding your newborn twins, whether you are going to be bottle feeding or breastfeeding, or a combination of both. All it takes is some practice and a little bit of creativity. In this article, we have listed a few ways that you can try out to see which method works best for you.

Bottle Feeding Twins At The Same Time

Most experts recommend bottle feeding the twins as it allows the mother to have more time for herself to do other tasks. The mother won’t be exhausted from breastfeeding the twins every 2 to 3 hours. So, she can easily give time to her other children (if any) or finish up some chores.

Bottle feeding also allows the partner or other family members to bond with the twins as they can, too, feed the babies. Another benefit of bottle feeding is that it allows the parents to keep track of their twins’ milk intake in each feeding session, which mothers are unable to do when breastfeeding. Moreover, since the mother is using formula milk, she won’t have to make changes to her diet. She can eat and drink whatever food she likes as it won’t affect the quality of the milk. 

So, how do you feed twins at the same time? You can bottle feed one twin at a time. But if they are both hungry, chances are that one of them will be crying out loud while you are feeding the other.

One thing you can do is to lay the twins on the couch, lay their heads on your lap, and face them in opposite directions. This way, one does not have to wait for the bottle. It also allows your twins to look up to you while they are being fed. You can also sit on the floor or on the bed with your legs crossed, place a pillow on your lap, and then lay your twins on the pillow to start feeding them.

However, if your twins move a lot during feeding time, this method might not be the best solution. It might be wise to use some support while feeding the twins at the same time. 

You can use a baby bouncer such as this one by BabyBjörn. You can place the two baby bouncers side by side and then sit down on the floor with your back leaning on the couch or on the bed for support. It’ll be easier to hold the two bottles with your hands as you won’t have to carry any of the twins.

Another thing you can try is a twin feeding pillow to feed both your twins at the same time. What’s great about this method is that the twin feeding pillow will not bounce when the twins move their legs or hands, which is a common problem with baby bouncers. You can place the pillow on the floor, couch, or bed. Then, lay your twins on the openings and lean forward to bottle feed your twins.

You can also use this baby high chair by Ingenuity. The seat can be adjusted so you can feed your newborn twins easily. Another benefit is that this high chair is portable which allows you to feed your twins anywhere, anytime – be it in your living room, dining room, or in bedroom. Moreover, this product is suitable for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers so it will come in handy in the next few years.

When your twins are a little bit older, you can use a twin feeding table to feed your twins simultaneously. This product can be used when the twins are at least six months of age or they are able to sit up by themselves. Twin feeding tables by Ingenuity or Fisher-Price are great purchases. They are also great for when your twins begin eating solid food.

Breastfeeding Twins At The Same Time

Most parents prefer to breastfeed their babies as breastmilk contains the necessary proteins and antibodies to help fight infections and diseases. Plus, reheating formula milk to the right temperature may be troublesome and time-consuming. However, breastfeeding twins at the same time is never easy. It requires a bit of practice and patience. 

A common position would be to have the babies under your arms with their bodies around your side. Then, you can hold their heads with your hands to bring them closer to your breasts. Another would be to have one of the twins in a cradle position with the other going by your side with its head in your hand for support. Some mothers prefer to have both babies in a criss-cross cradle position.

While there are lots of positions you can try, we recommend you use a twin feeding pillow while breastfeeding the twins.

The twin feeding pillow is a great product that allows you to feed your twins in a way that is comfortable for your twins as well as yourself. Plus, it comes in handy at times when you plan on breastfeeding both your twins at the same time.

Some twin feeding pillows come with a belt such as this one by My Brest Friend while others are donut-shaped and quite soft like this one by Boppy. Whichever you choose, the first step is to place the twin feeding pillow around your body. Then, place your twins on the twin feeding pillow with their bodies under your arms. You can slightly raise the pillow to bring your twins closer to your breasts.

Burp Your Twins At The Same Time

It is absolutely necessary to burp your twins after they are done feeding in order to avoid the feeling of gassiness. While burping your twins at the same time can be quite difficult to master, it is not completely impossible. 

You can burp the twins together with one on your shoulder and the other on your lap. You can place burp cloths on your shoulder and on your lap so that there is no mess if your twins end up spitting up while you burp them.

Another thing you can try to do is to place the babies on the twin feeding pillow facing down. This means that their stomachs will be in contact with the pillow. Then, you can slowly rub their backs to burp them. This way, you will be able to burp your twins at the same time.  

If burping both your twins at the same time is too hectic for you, you can always burp them consecutively. Burping your twins one at a time is easy to do especially when one of the twins finishes feeding first or if the twins have different feeding schedules.

Tips For Feeding Your Twins At The Same Time


Make sure everything is ready before you start feeding your twins. You should sterilize the feeding bottles and make sure that the milk is at the right temperature. You should select a comfy spot to feed your twins, be it on the bed or on the couch.

You might want to dim the lights and turn down the sound to avoid any disturbances. If you’re breastfeeding, wear clothing that feels comfortable and is easy to uncover. You should set the feeding pillows or twin feeding tables prior to the feeding session. You might also want to change your twins’ nappies as they are likely to fall asleep when their tummies are filled with milk.

Feeding Station

You should prepare a feeding station in advance so that you won’t have to run around the house for fresh clothes while your twins have burps all over their clothes.

You can keep a basket with two or three sets of burp cloths and onesies nearby. You may also include bottles, napkins, towels, and pacifiers in the basket for quick and easy access.


Whether you’re bottle feeding or breastfeeding, make sure your babies’ necks and heads are raised. Otherwise, they may choke. If the twin feeding pillow is too low for your twins, you may want to use another pillow under the twin feeding pillow so that your twins can comfortably reach your breasts.

If you’re a new mother, remember that it is completely fine if you don’t get the hang of it on the first try. Most mothers struggle to feed their twins at the same time during the first few weeks. However, practice makes perfect. Once you find out a position that works for yourself as well as your twins, there won’t be anything else to worry about while feeding your twins at the same time.

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