The 12 Best Toys For Twins That Are Suitable For Their Age

Best Toys For Twins That Are Suitable For Their Age

Are you confused about buying toys for your babies? Every baby has a different taste in playing with toys. Parents can buy an expensive toy that the babies might not like. Moreover, the twins can also have different preferences in playing with toys. Before choosing the best toys for twins, consider their age. Also, you have to find toys that are safe for children to play with. 

Moreover, the toys need to be durable as the babies will throw them anywhere. Expensive cars or guns will get damaged when they are thrown away. As a parent, you should look if the toy is age-appropriate for your kids.

1. Mega  Building Toys

Mega  Building Toys

Ideal for toddlers

This is a bag of building blocks that come in multiple colors for toddlers. Kids above one year old can easily play with these blocks. The blocks are big in size, making them safe for the toddlers to play with. The building blocks come in different shapes that also teach the kids about shape at an early age.

Develop creative thinking

These building blocks come in an architectural theme. Children can creatively think to make different shapes that will develop their motor skills. The bag comes with 80 pieces of blocks to build any kind of shape they want. A town with a market, gas station, traffic light, and many more things can be built with the blocks. 

Easy to clean up

The building blocks are big in size. You can easily locate them anywhere in the room. When your baby is done playing, you can easily collect the pieces and put them in the bag that comes with the building blocks.

2. Prextex Radio Control Toys

Prextex Radio Control Toys

Ideal for two years old and above

This is one of  the best gifts for the two year old twins as it has a pair of two remote control cars. They also have sound and music features. The actionable figures are removable so that children can replace them if they don’t like the figures. The cars have realistic police sirens, honking sounds, and flashing headlights. Your children will develop the skill of differentiating the sounds from that age. The car needs three AAA batteries to work. Both the cars come in two different colors, and the remote matches the cars. 

Easy to control

This toy car is controlled with a remote, which requires two AA batteries. The remote is designed in the shape of a steering wheel that has only two buttons. The car toys can be shared and played with other kids who will develop social skills in children. This is one of the best gifts for the twin boys.

3. VTech Smart Shots

VTech Smart Shots

2-in-1 game

This toy for twin toddlers  is a unique gift for their first birthdays as they are designed with a goalpost and a blackboard. On this, kids can play football and basketball at the same time. A soccer ball also comes with the 2-in-1 kids basketball hoop sports center. You need three AA batteries to operate the goalposts. This toy is built for kids from 1 to 3 years of age. 

LED scoreboard

When your child scores a goal, the LED scoreboard displays the goal count. It can display up to 10 goals. Moreover, it has more than 50 songs and phrases that introduce the children to this field. This game can be played with other babies that will help to grow social skills in them.

4. Toyk Color Doodle Drawing Mat

Toyk Color Doodle Drawing Mat

Water drawing mat

This is like a floor mat where children can easily draw and learn things. The mat is 39 X 27.5 inches. This is one of the best products for twins. The parcel includes six magic pens, eight drawing molds, four drawing templates, and a drawing booklet along with the mat. The pens are reusable and need to be filled up with clean water to draw on the mat. The ink magically disappears after three to ten minutes, depending on the temperature and the airflow. As a result, children can paint on the mat again and again. 

Creates no mess

As the pen requires water to convert into ink, it creates no mess. Children will not be able to draw on walls or doors with a pen. This magic mat can be carried anywhere and is safe for children to play with. The sides of the mat are decorated with alphabets, letters, and animals to easily learn them.

5. Hasbro Gaming Electronic Battleship Game

Hasbro Gaming Electronic Battleship Game

Portable battle cases

The games come with portable cases which allow playing games anywhere. The case comes with ships with pegs. The pegs mark the hits and misses of the game. You can launch one attack at a time or can make multiple strokes with the help of the Battleship Salvo feature.

Two game modes

This game has two modes Classic Game Mode and Advanced Game Mode. The classic mode is played solo or with two players. In advance mode, two players are needed to play the game. Players get extra weapons on the advanced mode like air raids, battle scans, etc. 

Suitable for eight years and above

This is an electronic naval combat game that requires some strategy to play. Players need to locate the enemy’s fleet of ships to destroy them to win the game. Children of 8 years and above can understand and enjoy the game easily. The game requires three AA batteries to operate.

6. Nerf laser Tag Game

Nerf laser Tag Game

Multiplayer game

This is a game where children can play with their friends. It helps them to develop their social skills. The package comes with two phoenix LTX Lazer tag blasters to initially start playing with two people. The blasters are exchangeable and compatible with playing with multiple players. The game can be played in teams or solo. 

Suitable for eight years old and above

This game is suitable for children of 8 years and above. Adults and teens can also enjoy the game with friends and family. The laser tag has to be set for 10 to 25 hits to start the game. Players can play the game indoors or outdoors, depending on their priority. 

Sound and light effect

The nerf guns are built with sounds, lights, and vibrations. It gives a feel of a war zone while playing the game.This is a great gift for 1-year-old twins.

7. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Learning Home

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Learning Home

Interacting hub

This game is built like a smart home that allows children to play from inside and outside. This is a 360-degree interactive hub that has porch lights, mailbox, house numbers, crawl through the door, etc. It also has a home office area with an office light, clicker clock, etc. kids also get a fridge and role play pieces to change the mode of their game. 

Languages and songs

On this hub, four languages are added to give a broader audience to buy for their babies. You will find English, Spanish, Mandarin, and French languages. Moreover, it has more than 200 songs that play when the buttons are pressed. Various sounds and phrases are given to introduce to the children.

8. Step2 Wagon

Step2 Wagon

Compatible with two children

This is a wagon where two children can easily settle and have fun on their own. Children can play inside the wagon when they are out on beaches or parks. The wagon comes with an easy latch door that easily opens, allowing babies to get down on their own. 

Transport and storage

This wagon can be used for transport and storage. It is spacious and can carry a maximum of 75 pounds easily. Parents can carry their picnic stuff on the wagon along with the baby so that they don’t have to run back again to bring the things.

9. Melissa & Doug Catch & Count Wooden Fishing Game

Melissa & Doug Catch & Count Wooden Fishing Game

Single or double player game

This is a fishing game that comes with two magnetic rods. It has ten magnetic fish that needs to be caught with the rods. It is a competitive and exciting game to play with friends. Each of the fish is patterned and numbered. The number on the fish which is caught decides the destiny of the player. The player with a high number of fish is the winner.  

Develops multiple skills

This is a skill-building game for children. In this game, children have to focus on catching the fish perfectly. They can develop problem-solving skills, motor skills, hand-eye coordination, interpersonal skills, socialization, etc. 

Suitable for 3 to 5 years

This fishing game can be played by children of 3 years old and above. As the fishes are numbered, they can start learning digits while playing. Moreover, they can also learn to count by counting the number of fish they caught. As this game can be played with two kids, they can learn together and create great bonding in them.

10. Tickle & Main Plush Elephant Rattles

Tickle & Main Plush Elephant Rattles

Plush elephant

This is a set of baby elephants that are great for twins. The elephants are 7 inches tall and are soft. These plushies are suitable for infants to sleep with. Moreover, the elephants have some embroidery details that give a different outlook. 

A storybook

A book containing a rhyming story about being a twin is given with the plush toys. The book is about 26 pages and has some adorable illustrations in it. Children will love the illustrations as they are very colorful. Parents can read the book at night as sleeping stories to the babies.

11. ANNKIE Whack A Mole Game

ANNKIE Whack A Mole Game

Multiple speed and language options

The is a whack a mole game when kids smash the moles. The speed of the game can be controlled at nine different speeds. As the children get skilled in the game, you can increase the speed of the game. You can set the game in 8 different languages as well. The game can be stopped or paused anytime with the buttons on the sides. 

Large smash pan

This whack a mole comes with a big smash pan that includes 18 target balls. As a result, children will hit one ball at a time. No other balls will be hit accidentally. With the two mallets given with the pack, you can smash the balls. 

Safe for children

Every part of the game is safe for the children. The tip of the mallets is made of soft rubber that will not hurt anyone. Moreover, they are BPA-free, non-toxic, and odor-free, allowing your babies to play with them all the time.

12. Aurora Plush Bundle

Aurora Plush Bundle

Suitable for all ages

This is a set of plush characters from Dr. Seuss’s Cat in the hat children’s book. They are embroidered, which gives a gentle look. The toys have detailed expressions that will be loved by the babies. Both of them have different expressions. Each toy is 12 inches tall that can be played with by kids above the age of 12 months and above. This is a great gift for the twins as they come in pairs. This pair of plushes can be given as birthday gifts for twins on their birthday.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Toys For Twins

Have you found the best gift for twins? We will help you with the best gift ideas for twins. Your baby’s preference for toys will change as they grow up. So it is better to find toys that are suitable for their age. There are some things you need to consider before you choose what to buy for twins. presents for twins


The toy you choose to buy for your baby should be appropriate for their age. Toys like guns, puzzles, and cars should be given to babies above 2 or 3 years old as they might not know how to play. Moreover, pieces of puzzles and legos will get lost as babies throw away their toys frequently. 

Safe for children

The materials used to make the toys should be safe for the children. Children will put their toys in their mouths. If the toys are made with colors or toxic materials, then they will be harmful to them. So, choose the one that is not harmful to the kids. 

Easy to clean

Make sure the toys you buy are easy to clean. To maintain hygiene, you have to wash or clean the toys, or else your children can fall sick from it.


Are you looking for coll things as gifts for twins. When children will learn to sit up, they will be surrounded by toys. There will be lots of toys that they will not play with. They might not like the toys, or they do not understand how to play with toys. So, choosing the right toy for the children is essential. 

Moreover, when you have twins, you have to shop considering the taste of both the kids. Both the kids might like the same thing or different things. So, it can be hard for the parents to choose the best toys for twins, but our article will help them to decide on the ideal toys.

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