The 11 Best Strollers For Newborn Twins To Give Them Comfort While Traveling

Best Strollers For Newborn Twins To Give Them Comfort While Traveling

Are you looking for a stroller to welcome your twins? Don’t worry; we have got you covered with the list of best strollers for newborn twins. At first, you need to find out if the stroller is compatible with a car seat, as newborns need to lie flat for the first 6 months until they can control their neck. Most of the strollers are compatible with the car seat or require a car seat adapter to install a car seat for newborns. You need to opt for a double stroller for twins that can be side-by-side or a tandem stroller. 

Moreover, a spacious basket is necessary to carry essentials for both babies. The wheels are also an important factor to look for in providing a smooth ride. Not to mention the canopies, which are essential to protect your babies from the sun’s harmful rays. In this twin stroller review, you will get all the information you need to consider to make sure the stroller is comfortable for your babies.

1. Graco DuoGlider Double Stroller

Graco DuoGlider Double Stroller

Car seat compatible

The double stroller from Graco is compatible with car seats. You can use this stroller for a newborn and a toddler at the same time. Bassinet or car seats easily connect with the frame making it hassle-free to carry babies. There is enough space between the two seats to keep the babies comfortable for the ride. Also, you can fix the seats where babies can face one another. 

Individual canopies

Each seat has an individual canopy that you can open or close according to your baby’s mood. If one of your babies is sleeping, you can open the canopy to provide shade, and the other baby can enjoy nature with a closed canopy. 

5-point harness

For the safety of the babies, the seats have a 5-point harness. Simply bring the harness to the front of the baby, connect the points and fix it accordingly for the safety of your baby. 

One-hand fold

When you are not using the stroller, you can fold it using one hand. Twist the handlebar and collapse the stroller to the front to fold. It auto-locks, as well as self, stands, making it easier for storage. 

Easy maneuverability

The stroller is built with great suspension wheels. It has lockable front swivel wheels for smooth maneuvering on terrains. You will find a brake latch on the rear wheels for safe parking.

Spacious storage basket

The stroller has an extra-large storage basket to carry all the essentials for both babies. Both the babies can have different products which you easily carry in the basket. Moreover, you can carry your groceries in the basket.

2. Baby Trend Universal Double Snap-N-Go Stroller Frame

Baby Trend Universal Double Snap-N-Go Stroller Frame

Compatible with car seat

Baby trend has built the stroller frame in a way that can accommodate two infant car seats. It is one of the best twin infant strollers as you can easily carry your twins in the stroller safely. The stroller frame is suitable to carry babies up to 36 months. The maximum weight recommendation for the stroller is ‎90 Pounds. 

Lightweight stroller

The stroller frame weighs only 18 pounds which you can easily carry on tours or travels. It is good when you have to carry the stroller along with your baggage.

Compact fold

With one press, you can fold the stroller for storage. The button is given on the handlebar, which pressed helps to collapse and fold the stroller frame compactly. Make sure to engage the lock for safety while carrying the stroller. 

Large storage basket

The storage basket of the stroller is spacious and has high side walls to carry all essentials for babies. The basket has no divider, so it gives more space to carry toys, diapers, food, etc.

3. Graco Ready2Grow LX Stroller

Graco Ready2Grow LX Stroller

Car seat compatible

Go out with your two babies for a ride on the stroller from Graco. They have built a stroller that carries a toddler and a newborn at the same time. The stroller has a toddler seat and is compatible with a car seat. You can easily attach two Graco Snugride click connect infant car seats on the stroller frame if you have two newborns to carry. Moreover, the toddler seats are reclinable in multiple positions for the comfort of the baby. 

One-hand fold

Twist the handler to collapse and fold the stroller. You can fold it using one hand only. It helps parents for fast folding and storing the stroller when they are on tours. It auto-locks and self-stands that reducing the workload for the parents. 

Convenient Storage

The storage basket has enough space to carry the baby’s toys, clothes, diapers, foods, etc. the high sidewalls of the basket keep the things and prevent them from falling off. Parents can easily access the basket from the front of the stroller. 

High carrying capacity

This is a tandem stroller that has two seats and a standing platform. The front seat and standing platform can hold a maximum of 50 pounds. The rear seat can hold up to 40 pounds. The seats have 3 and 5-point harnesses for the safety of the baby.

4. Delta Children City Street LX Side by Side Stroller

Delta Children City Street LX Side by Side Stroller

Muti-recline seat

This is one of the best side-by-side stroller that can be reclined to multiple positions for the safety of the baby. You can recline the seat separately according to each baby’s comfort. The seat has a 5-point harness for the safety of the babies. The stroller is recommended to use for babies up to 35 pounds. 

Smooth ride

Each corner of the stroller has double wheels. The front wheels are 360-degree shock-absorbing wheels that glide over terrains smoothly. The rear wheels have two parking brakes, which you need to activate for safe parking.

Compact umbrella folds

This double stroller for infant simply folds into a compact fold with very few steps. Lift the latch given on the rod of the wheels. Press the handles using both hands to collapse and fold the stroller. It folds like an umbrella which takes less space for storing in a car trunk or in your storage. 

Individual canopy

Both the seat has an individual canopy which you open or close as needed. The canopies are large to provide shade to the babies while you are out for beach days.

Individual storage bags

At the back of the seat, you will find two bags to carry diapers, toys, food, etc. You can keep the things separately for each baby, which makes it easier to find the things for the babies.

5. Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon

Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon

Compatible with car seat

This stroller is built like a wagon to carry babies as well as their essentials easily. The seats are built for toddlers. However, you can carry your newborn on it by installing a car seat. The stroller needs an adapter to install the car seat on the stroller. 

Push to pull mode

You can either push or pull the stroller as you need on different terrains. The handlebar can be fixed accordingly to push or pull the stroller. This mode of the stroller helps the stroller control the speed on slopes.

UPF 50+ canopies

The stroller has large adjustable canopies. They provide UPF50+ protection to the babies and keep the skin safe from harmful rays. Moreover, you can use both sides of the canopies to give a stylish look to the stroller.

Extra leg space

At the base of the seat, there is an extra space so that your babies can keep their legs comfortably. You can zip the space to make a plain surface to help your baby sleep on the stroller.

6. BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Double Jogging Stroller

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Double Jogging Stroller

Compatible with car seats

The stroller is built to carry toddlers. In case you want to carry your newborn, you have to buy a car seat adapter to install a car seat on the stroller. The adapter is compatible with most of the car seats. However, you should not take your newborn for your jogging in the stroller. Consult your baby’s nutritionist before using this jogging stroller for your baby. 

Comfortable seats

Each seat of the stroller can carry 50 pounds. The seats can be reclined in multiple positions for the comfort of the baby. You will get adjustable 5-point harnesses on the stroller to keep your babies safe.

Great suspension system

This is a three-wheeled stroller. It has air-filled tires to run through terrains when parents are jogging. The front wheel is lockable and can be fixed for straight or swiveling while riding. The rear wheels are large and provide an ultra-smooth ride for babies.

Extra-large canopy

The stroller has a huge canopy for each seat to provide shade to the babies. Each of the canopies has two panels which help to create darkness to help the babies rest while you shop or go for a run. 

XL storage basket

The stroller has one large storage basket to carry all kinds of stuff for the babies. You can keep your towels to wipe your sweats for jogging. The basket has high walls made of mesh which helps to find things easily. The stroller also has ten storage pockets to carry snacks, cellphones, etc. 

Jogging stroller

BOB gear made this stroller for active parents who wants to take their babies for their jogging. It has an adjustable handlebar and a great suspension system that helps to control the stroller while running.

7. Delta Children Jeep Scout Double Stroller

Delta Children Jeep Scout Double Stroller

Comfortable seats

The stroller has two comfortable seats to go out with two babies. Both the seat has a 5-point harness with soft shoulder pads to keep them comfortable for the babies. The harnesses can be adjusted according to the size of the baby. Moreover, the seat has reflective material to make you and your child visible at night.

Multiple positions recline

Each seat can recline individually to make the ride comfortable for the baby. A baby can sit up or lie down to sleep. The seats are well cushioned to give them a homely feeling on the stroller.

Individual canopy

The two seats have two canopies. Each canopy has two panels to protect babies from the sun. The canopies protect the babies from any kind of harsh weather. 

Compact fold

At the back of the seats, two latches are available, which you need to pull up to fold the stroller. The latches help to collapse the stroller and give a compact fold to store any place without taking extra space. 

Smooth riding wheels

The stroller has 5.5 inches front swivel wheels to maneuver easily on sidewalks, malls, and stores. All are double wheels that help to make corner turns easily. The rear wheels have parking brakes which you need to activate for safe parking.

8. Joovy Caboose Stand-On Tandem Stroller

Joovy Caboose Stand-On Tandem Stroller

Car seat compatible

With an adapter, you can install a car seat on the stroller. The stroller comes with a car seat adapter which reduces your buying cost for buying a separate car seat adapter. You have to recline the front seat to attach the car seat. 

Customizable mode 

The stroller can be used for newborns and toddlers. You can change the setting according to the growth of your baby. You can carry a newborn and a toddler on the stroller seat. The toddler can stand on the integrated platform while you go out strolling with the stroller. Moreover, it also has a built-in bench seat for toddlers to sit when they get tired.

Huge seat capacity

The rear seat of the stroller is removable and can hold a baby from 6 months to up to 45 pounds. The front seat is for babies for 3 months up to 45 pounds and can be reclined to 3 positions. In addition, the bench seat and standing platform can hold babies of 2.5 years and up to 45 pounds. 

Expandable canopy

The canopy has three large panels to provide shade from the sun. This single canopy provides shade to the front and rear seats. 

Fulfills Disneyland requirements

Disney does not allow strollers of all dimensions. You need to bring a stroller of a specific dimension to enter Disneyland. This stroller is built to enter Disneyland with your babies and enjoy the day out.

9. Baby Jogger City Mini 2 Double Stroller

Baby Jogger City Mini 2 Double Stroller

Compatible with car seat

Carry your newborn and toddle on the stroller from Baby Jogger. You need to attach a car seat adapter to install the car seat. This stroller helps you to carry newborns on a car seat and later use it for growing toddlers.

One-step fold

The stroller folds in a single step which is great for storing. It reduces your time and effort in folding the stroller when you are traveling or at the parking lot of a supermarket. You need to pull the strap given on the seat to fold the stroller in one pull. It self-stands and auto-locks for safe storing. 

Large canopies

The large canopy of each seat provides shade to the babies. The canopy is expandable to give a roomy ambiance to the kids to take naps. Both the canopies have peek-a-boo windows which allow the parents to get a sneak peek of their babies. 

Spacious storage basket

The stroller has a single spacious storage basket under the seats to carry all the essentials for the babies. The high side walls prevent things from falling from the basket. You can also put your shopping bags and groceries in the basket to carry. 

Comfortable seats

The seats are properly cushioned to make them comfortable for the babies. The seats recline to a near-flat position and have adjustable calf support so that babies can sleep in peace. You can access the storage basket through the calf support at the front.

10. BABY JOY Double Baby Stroller

BABY JOY Double Baby Stroller

Suitable for newborns

The stroller is designed to carry two babies. The front seat can carry babies from 6 months up to 36 months, and the rear seat is suitable for newborns as it can lie flat. Each seat can take a maximum weight of 33 pounds easily.

Large storage basket

A huge storage basket is given under the seats of the stroller. Towels, diapers, food, etc., can be easily carried in the basket. No items will fall off as the basket has high sidewalls. 

Shock-proof wheels

The front wheels of the stroller are shock-proof and can easily orient in any direction. The great suspension system on the stroller gives a comfortable ride to the babies. The rear wheels are big and have a parking brake to safely stop the stroller.

Adjustable handlebar

It is difficult for parents to push the stroller if the handlebar is not suitable according to their height. The handlebar of the stroller can be adjusted to multiple positions to provide comfort to the parents for pushing the stroller. 

Huge canopies

The seats of the stroller have individual canopies to adjust according to the mood of the baby. Each canopy has two panels for providing shade from the sun. Your baby can enjoy a sunny, cloudy, or breezy day in the stroller.

11. Joovy Big Caboose Triple Stroller

Joovy Big Caboose Triple Stroller

Sit and stand stroller

This is a triple sit-and-stand tandem stroller. You can carry newborns and toddlers in the stroller at the same time. A car seat adapter is included with the stroller to carry the newborns. The front two seats are for babies from 6 months up to 40 pounds. The stroller also has a rear bench seat and a standing platform that is suitable to carry children from 2.5+ years up to 45 pounds. 

Large storage basket

The stroller has a long storage basket to carry all the items of your babies. You can access the things from the sides of the basket and also has high walls to prevent them from falling things from the basket. Parents can also access the storage basket from the front calf support.

Reclinable seats

The seats are reclinable in two positions for the comfort of the baby. The seats have 5-point harnesses that keep the babies safe while riding the stroller.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Stroller For Newborn Twins

There are many brands that offer double strollers for twins. The infant twin’s strollers can be side-by-side, tandem, or a wagon. Consider all the factors of the strollers before opting for one. 

Side-by-side or tandem

A bay double stroller has two seats either it can be side-by-side or front and back. A side-by-side stroller takes a lot of space while moving and can be hard to pass the doors of super shops. However, tandem strollers take less space and are easy to pass through any narrow paths. The weight capacity of the seat varies in the tandem stroller. All the seats have equal capacity for a side-by-side stroller which you can use for toddlers. But, the front seat of the tandem stroller has less seating capacity than the rear seat. As a result, you might not be able to use the stroller in the long run.

Car seat compatible

As you are looking for a stroller for newborn twins, you have to ensure that the stroller is compatible with car seats. Babies up to 6 months need to lie down flat to have clear breathing ways. As they have no control over their neck until 6 months, they need to be put on a flat surface. The toddler seats do not recline 180 degrees to make it comfortable for the babies to breathe. So, choose the stroller that is compatible with car seats or provide car seat adapters to install a car seat on the stroller.  

5-point harness

Babies need to be safe in the stroller while riding. The stroller has an in-built 5-point harness for the safety of the baby. In some strollers, you might find 3-point harnesses. Ensure that the harness does not come off easily; otherwise, it will be unsafe for the babies. Also, make sure the harness is made with soft material for the comfort of the baby. 

Expandable canopy

The harmful UV rays of the sun can damage the skin of babies. The canopies have two or three panels to provide the ultimate shade to the babies. You might find a single canopy for both the seats or an individual canopy for each seat. Individual canopy allows the babies to enjoy the day out according to their moods. A peek-a-boo window on the canopy is also helpful for the parents to take a look at the babies while strolling.

Large storage basket

Going out with babies means you need to carry towels, diapers, food, toys, etc., for them. If you have twins, it means all the things will be double. Most double strollers have a big large storage basket which is enough to carry essentials for both babies. Sometimes, you can carry your groceries and shopping bags on them. However, separated storage baskets have lesser space which might not be comfortable for the parents. You can also use the stroller that has front access to the storage basket.

Swivel wheels

Wheels are the most important part of the stroller as they take all the weight and help to move smoothly. The strollers are built with front swivel wheels which makes them easy to maneuver on terrains. The swivel wheels are lockable to run straight or twist to take turns on narrow sidewalks. In addition, make sure the rear wheels have an easy-to-activate parking brake to stop the stroller. 

Adjustable handlebar

An adjustable handlebar is necessary if the parents have a big height difference. If the handlebar is non-adjustable, parents have to slouch, which can cause back pain and shoulder pain. As a result, opting for a stroller with an adjustable handlebar will be a great choice. 

Easy folding mechanism

Strollers are used when you go to parks, malls, tours, etc. when you go shopping is finished you have to fold the stroller to store in the car trunk. After all the shopping, it will be bothering if the stroller does not fold in one or two steps. We have chosen the stroller that can be folded in one or two steps to make your life simpler.

Child tray

The stroller comes with a child tray that you can attach or detach as needed. A child tray acts as a safeguard for the baby as well. Your child can learn to eat or enjoy snacks while you shop. Not all strollers have a child tray, but choosing the one with a child tray allows your baby to enjoy their ride while playing or eating on it. 


Finding the perfect stroller for your babies can be tough. To make it easier we have made a twin strollers review. As a parent, you will want to give your babies the most comfortable and safe stroller. All the strollers have a safety harness that ensures safety for the babies. You will also find trays to help your baby feed themselves. In our list of best strollers for newborn twins, you will find that some strollers have separate canopies, whereas others have a single canopy. 

Moreover, the stroller needs to be comfortable for the parents to push. For this, the stroller has an adjustable handlebar to make it suitable for tall and short parents. Opt for that stroller that you think will provide the best comfort to your babies.

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