The 12 Best Baby Monitor For Twins To Keep An Eye On Them While Doing Chores

Best Baby Monitor For Twins

Are you finding it hard to keep an eye on your twins? A baby monitor helps you to keep your eyes on your baby even if they are in two different places. A monitor can be paired with two to four cameras. So, when your baby is running in different rooms, you can still monitor them from different cameras through your LCD.

Moreover, the baby monitors come with features of panning or tilting remotely. Parents can also zoom through their screens to get a closer look at their babies. Baby monitors are safe as they do not require an internet connection for transmission. So, choose the best baby monitor for twins that will help you to monitor them easily.

1. Infant Optics DXR-8 Baby Monitor

Infant Optics DXR-8 Baby Monitor

Interchangeable optical lenses

The baby monitor has an interchangeable optical lens that allows you to switch between zoom angles and wide-angle. It also has a further zoom option to get a further zooming experience. Moreover, it allows you to zoom in 4X times without compromising the video quality. However, the wide-angle lens is sold separately, and you need to buy it to avail of the feature.

Perfect size & weight ratio

You will get a balance of size, weight, video, and weight performance from this baby monitor from Infant Optics. It does not require large batteries and is lightweight and portable. You can carry it around your house in your pocket. The baby monitor has a 10-hour battery life on power-saving mode and a 6-hour battery life on-screen. 

Alarm and IR night vision

Parents will get an alarm when there is an unexpected situation in the room of the baby. Two-way talk is possible through this baby monitor that helps calm your baby until you reach your baby. Not to mention, it has a remote thermometer to get the temperature from a distance. The invisible IR night vision gives you a view of your baby at night. 

Secured connection

This baby monitor does not require any internet connection to get a video or audio. As a result, video and audio are only transmitted to you only. The connection is secured with FHSS and only gives a private connection to the parents.

2. JLB7tech Baby Monitor

JLB7tech Baby Monitor

Plug and play

The baby monitor is easy to install and connect. You don’t have to connect to the internet and download apps to start using it. It has 4.3 inches LCD that allows you to monitor your baby’s activities. You will not get any time delay in transmission and will be able to give real-time responses. It automatically turns on when any sound is detected. You can monitor the baby with the JLB7tech Baby Monitor up to 1000 feet. 

Pan and tilt

The baby camera can be rotated 360 degrees to get the perfect angle you want. But you have to pan or tilt manually. Along with setting the angle, set the brightness and volume as needed. 

Digital zoom and multi-camera expandability

The baby unit has four cameras connected to the monitor, giving you the convenience to monitor your baby’s activity. You can digitally zoom 2x times to watch your baby more closely to get a closer view. 

Long-lasting battery

You don’t have to worry about charging the baby monitor in the middle of the night. The parent unit has a rechargeable battery and gives performance for 8 hours. 

Night vision

Monitor your baby at night using this baby monitor. It has IR vision that gives you a view of the baby in the dark.

3. Axvue Baby Monitor

Axvue Baby Monitor

Two cameras for two rooms

The baby monitor comes with two cameras on two separate devices. It allows you to monitor two rooms on the same parent monitor. You will get a 2.8 inches LCD with high resolution, which allows you to monitor your baby at all times. Moreover, shortcuts are given on both sides to make it easier and faster operation.  

Pan and tilt

You can adjust the view angle of the camera according to your need. The device tilts 90 degrees and pans 360 degrees. It gives you the flexibility to set the angle of the camera. 

Day and night vision

The camera is built with six infrared rays that give great vision day and night. Moreover, the camera can detect the ambience and switches automatically day or night mode. As a result, all the activities of your baby will be in your sight. 

Long battery life

The baby monitor has a transmission range of 1000 feet. The battery lasts 12 hours when you keep it in power-saving mode. It does not require wifi or an internet connection to start working. You just have to fully charge the power unit before the first use. 

Voice activating modes

This wall-mountable baby monitor is activated from power-saving mode when it detects any sound. Now, you can sleep at night without worrying that your baby is crying alone in the middle of the night.

4. Babysense Baby Monitor

Babysense Baby Monitor

Large display

The baby monitor comes with two surveillance cameras that allow you to monitor your baby in two different rooms. The display is 5 inches and provides a 720 HD image. Parents get a crystal clear view of the display. Moreover, you can connect up to 4 cameras to make sure that your baby is safe. 

Two-way audio

Parents can communicate with their baby through the baby monitor as it offers two-way communication. You can program it with a lullaby to help your baby calm down when you are distant. In addition, it has IR night vision that gives you a proper view in the dark.

Pan, tilt and zoom

The best feature of this baby monitor is that you can pan or tilt it remotely. The wide-angle panning gives you a full view of your baby. It pans 350 degrees and tilts 70 degrees. Not to mention they allow you to zoom 4x times. The remote control makes it more convenient to use the baby monitor. 

Easy to use

The connectivity between the baby monitor devices is secure as it does not require wifi or internet connection. It last long in power-save mode. The monitor auto-activates to any sound of your baby.

5. VTech VM350-2 Baby Monitor

VTech VM350-2 Baby Monitor

High-resolution display

The baby monitor comes with two cameras and an LCD screen. The LCD is 5 inches and gives a clear display of your baby. It shows color videos during the day and grayscale infrared images at night. The cameras zoom 2x times, giving you a closer view. Moreover, you can get a split view because of the two cameras on your LCD screen. 

Long-lasting battery

This is the best baby monitor for twins as you can monitor two babies with two cameras on a single LCD. It also has long-lasting battery life. Parents can monitor for up to 12 hours by video streaming and 21 hours by audio monitoring. In addition, the operation range of the baby monitor is 1000 feet.

Two-way communication

You can play lullabies or ambient sounds to calm your baby. It is also a two-way talk system. Parents can talk through the devices to communicate with their babies. They can change the range of volume remotely. 

Voice activating modes

The device stays in power saving mode to save the battery life, but it still stays active. Whenever there is a sound in the baby’s room, you will hear that and helps parents monitor their baby all time.

6. Moonybaby Split 50 Baby Monitor

Moonybaby Split 50 Baby Monitor

Supports two cameras

This is one of the best video monitors for twins as it supports two cameras. This is one of the best double baby monitors as you can set each camera for each of the babies and monitor them. The LCD is 5 inches, and the cameras give wide angles to give a proper view of the babies. Moreover, you get a split view on the screen so that you don’t have to change the screen. 

Two-way talk mode

The baby monitor does not work as a camera only; it also has many features that notify you. It has built-in five lullabies and 2x digital zoom functions. This baby monitor does not require wifi or internet connection and does not compromise security. 

Night vision

Monitor your baby in the dark with the auto night vision feature on the cameras. The high-resolution camera gives you a clear view of day and night. 

Long-life batteries

Monitoring the babies should not be obstructed due to low battery life. This baby monitor gives you 6 to 8 hours of battery life when the display is on. It can last longer, up to 10 to 11 hours, when it is on power-saving mode.

7. Axvue Baby Monitor

Axvue Baby Monitor

Large screen

The monitoring system comes with a TFT-LCD screen which is 4.3 inches. The two cameras can be set in two different rooms or can be focused on twins separately easily. You can pair the two cameras and then switch between the cameras when needed. It requires no internet or wifi connection to get transmission the videos.  


This baby monitor for twins works wirelessly, and they have a range of 1000 feet. The videos have smooth transmission and have a very low noise image. You can zoom 2x times and automatically detects the temperature of the room. You can mount the camera on the walls and keep it safe from the babies. 

Day and night vision

You can see in the absolute darkness through the cameras. It is built using six infrared lenses. The high ISO capacity handles the weak and noisy signals and gives you a view of your baby all the time. 

Voice activating mode

The screen of the monitor can be turned off to save the power. However, it can be turned on by a sudden sound or noise in your baby’s room. The VOX technology has three levels of sensitivity which are low, medium and high. You will get the response depending on the level of the noise.

8. VMAI Baby Monitor

VMAI Baby Monitor

High-quality LCD display

The LCD display is 4.3 inches, which gives a high definition view of your baby. You can control volume and zoom in and out to get a proper view. Also, the alarm will go off if the temperature is below or above the range you set for the room. Moreover, you can add up to 4 cameras to monitor your baby around your home. 

Motion detection

The baby monitor detects the motion of your baby. It will notify you when your baby is moving without your attention. Your baby will be safe if you are monitoring it with this monitoring device. 

VOX mode

The screen will automatically turn on, and the alarm will go off when your baby is crying. You have to activate the VOX mode to avail this feature. You can also set the sensitive levels of sounds to alarm you. 

Auto switch infrared vision

The camera automatically switches to infrared night vision to give a proper view at night. The device detects the environment and automatically activates the lenses. Parents can get a proper view up to 1000 feet between the dives. 

Secure and stable transmission

The transmission is secure due to 2.4GHz FHSS. No internet, wifi, or cloud uploading is necessary to get the live videos. Parents can get stable videos all the time if they are always in the range of 1000 feet.

9. eufy Security Baby Monitor

eufy Security Baby Monitor

Big display

The baby monitor display is 5 inches and 720p video to the parents. Parents can get a wide view through the display. The device can be connected to at most four cameras. The monitor automatically recycles between the view. You will get the real-time video if you are within 460 feet. This baby monitor has a little coverage area.  

Pan and tilts remotely

The LCD monitor has the buttons to pan and tilts remotely from your bed. You can pan 330 degrees and tilt 110 degrees to get the view from one corner to another. The baby monitor gives instant alerts on the power saving mode when the baby is crying. As there is no wifi or internet connection required, all the views will be for your eyes only. 

Long-lasting battery

The baby monitor comes with a 2900mAh rechargeable battery. This quality rechargeable battery provides 15 hours of battery life, making it easier to monitor your baby throughout the day and night time. 

Two-way speaker

The built-in microphone and a speaker in the device allow you to communicate with your baby when you are in different rooms. You can calm your baby from a distance until you reach him or her.

10. Moonybaby Baby Monitor

Moonybaby Baby Monitor

Large monitor

This baby monitor from Moonybaby has a large screen of 4.3 inches. It has a high-resolution display that gives you the joy of watching your baby from a distance. You can connect two cameras at the same time and view them in spilt view. Moreover, it has an option to select one camera with audio to communicate with your baby.

Pan and tilt remotely

Parents can pan, tilt, and zoom the cameras from their bedroom. It makes it easier to monitor the baby and the room from a distance. You can enjoy crystal clear and undelayed videos within the range of 1000 feet. 

Two-way mode

Talk to your baby through the speaker attached to the camera to calm your baby. Not to mention, it has built-in lullabies that make your baby sleep in peace. It has a night vision and room temperature detector to monitor the environment of your baby’s room.

Long battery hours

The baby monitor has a high capacity battery to ensure long-lasting performance. It provides 12 hours of battery life which can be extended if you use it in power-saving mode.

11. Dr.meter Baby Monitor

Dr.meter Baby Monitor

Big display 

You will get a 5 inches LCD screen with this baby monitor. The 720p cameras give a nice and crisp view of your baby’s activities. The device supports four cameras and is easy to change between the cameras. 

Remotely pan and tilt

Parents can remotely pan and tilt the cameras to get the proper view of their baby. The cameras can be rotated 355 degrees horizontally and 120 degrees vertically. You can also zoom into your baby through your device. 

Two-way mode

Parents can talk back to their babies when they are crying or waking up from sleep from a distance on this baby monitor. This device has a two-way communication system that allows you to talk to your baby through the microphone. Moreover, you play the in-built lullabies to help your calm. 

Long-lasting battery life

The baby monitor comes with a 2100Ah rechargeable battery. It gives you a battery life of 10 hours after every full charge. 

Night vision and VOX mode

The baby monitor is built with 940nm infrared light that enables you to see 16ft or 5m clearly in the dark. On the other hand, the VOX mode turns on your monitor as soon as it detects your baby’s noise. Parents don’t have to worry about keeping their babies unattended while they are sleeping.

12. Simyke Baby Monitor

Simyke Baby Monitor

High definition LCD screen

The baby monitor comes with 3.5 inches display. You can pair at most 4 cameras with the monitor. Sync all the cameras with the monitor to get a real-time view of your baby. You can set an alarm and timer on the device so that you can attend to your sleeping baby on time.

Two-way audio mode

Communicate with your baby through the microphone given on the monitor. This will help to calm your baby when they wake up. You can also play soothing lullabies while you are in a different room. 

Night vision

It automatically converts into night vision and gives a clear view of your baby sleeping at night. The camera has no glow 940 nm HD night vision. Also, it will switch to day mode by detecting the environment.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Baby Monitor For Twins

Managing twins is tiresome. In the middle of the night, you have to be alert if any one of them woke up or and crying. You have to buy the baby monitor that allows you to monitor both of them at the same time. 

Screen size

The screen size of the LCD varies. The larger the LCD screen, the better you can get the view. You have to make sure the display is crystal clear. The screen size varies from 3.5 inches to 6 inches.  

Number of cameras

If you are buying a baby monitor for monitoring twins, you have to choose the one that can be paired with two cameras. Some of the best monitors for twins can be paired with four cameras which helps you to monitor your babies in different rooms.

Coverage area

Most of the baby monitor has a range of 1000 feet. If the distance is less, then you will not get a smooth transmission of the videos. Try to choose the one that covers a large range for transmission of the audio and videos. 

Long-lasting battery life

It can be irritating when you have to charge the battery frequently. With power-saving mode, a battery can last 8 to 12 hours. Running off the battery in the middle of the night will disconnect you from your baby, and they might cry in the darkness.

Pan, tilt and zoom

The cameras with remote pan, tilt and zoom options are helpful to monitor the surrounding of the baby. Most baby monitors have this kind of feature, but you have to pan or tilt the cameras manually in some. 

Night vision

Night vision is the most important feature of a baby monitor. As your baby is at the nursery, you need to monitor if he or she is sleeping peacefully or not. Cameras are built with infrared lenses that can automatically switch from day to night mode. 


Baby monitors are simpler and easier to monitor your baby when you are doing your household work. This device does not require internet, which makes it safe and secure from hacking. Moreover, you can pan and tilt the cameras remotely from your monitor to get a proper view of your baby’s surroundings. 

In order to choose the best twin baby monitor, look for a long-lasting battery, auto night-vision properties, a larger screen, etc. VOX mode is also an important feature that alerts the parents when the babies make any kind of sound at a distance.

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