35 Weeks Pregnant With Twins

35 Weeks Pregnant With Twins

You are two weeks away from mature delivery! Clocks are ticking and your body is also getting prepared to welcome your munchkins any time now. It is an exciting yet tiring phase for mothers now.

Therefore, they need to be mentally and physically prepared as well. And the first step to that is knowing about fetal development and their own bodies.

35 weeks pregnant with twins

Twin Pregnancy Symptoms at 35 weeks


As you are approaching your twins’ birth you will notice some post-delivery changes in your body. One of them is called colostrum. It is early milk, rich in antibodies. You will notice some stains on your bra, the color is very close to yellow.

That is completely normal as your body is getting ready to feed your babies. If you thought you would start producing breastmilk after they are born, the idea isn’t exactly right. Some pregnant women start producing milk weeks before the babies are born.

Moreover, just because you see some early milk that doesn’t mean your delivery is near. Every body works differently. What you can do right now is practice breastfeeding so that when your little ones finally arrive you are ready to welcome them. The early milk will protect them from stomachaches and increase immunity.


As you are carrying two babies at once, you will experience pressure in your lower abdomen. Considering the average weight of the fetus this week, you will be carrying 5 kgs together. You will have huge pressure on your spine and your back. You will notice this once you are moving around or sitting down.

You will need extra help during this time. You can ask for help from your partner or someone around you. The pain can also occur from the hormones that are increased progesterone. The pain will go away after the babies are born, but will increase during delivery.


As you are carrying a lot of weight at once, you are most likely to be more tired than usual. You will feel it when you are moving around. Don’t be too hard on yourself now. You need rest more than usual and you deserve it. It is no easy task to be carrying around 5 kilograms at once. That too all the time. Take as many naps as you need as try to eat food that gives you energy and keeps you healthy. Ask your partner or someone else for help with the chores.

Premature Birth

By this time you are probably thinking about premature cases too. It happens with twins as well. Usually, the rate is about 8% as in 8 in every 100 babies are born prematurely. In medical terms, babies born before 37 weeks are considered premature.

So, you are still two weeks away from giving birth to mature babies. If it happens by any chance you will need some extra help at the hospital too. It is better to know about labor pain and baby care so that you can be ready for every situation. You can learn about the symptoms of labor pain here. If you see any of the symptoms, call your midwife right away.

Group B strep

Group B strep is a type of virus that lives inside our bodies. About 2 in 5 people have it. So there is a high chance that you have it too. If you have this virus while you are pregnant, there is a risk that it will make your babies seriously sick.

Therefore, you need to check and be aware of this virus. But the bright side is that this group b strep virus is preventable in newborn babies. In order to stay safe and learn about it more, talk to your midwife or doctor.

Braxton Hicks contractions

During or before the 35th week, you might feel a sensation down your abdomen almost like menstrual cramps. Some people mistake it for early labor pain. It is called braxton hicks or false pain. Braxton hicks are when your uterus tries to practice for the delivery. It prepares for delivery. It usually lasts for 30 seconds which makes it distinguishable from labor pain which lasts for about 2 minutes.

However, since you have a higher chance of delivering prematurely, it is very important that you talk to your doctor or midwife about braxton hicks and labor pain. Usually, during labor, you will feel unusual back pain and water break too.

Twin Baby Development at 35 Weeks


Twin Baby Development at 35 Weeks

As your babies get ready for being in your arms, they are so grown up now. Each of them is about 46.2 cm long and weighs 2.4 kg! The height is that of two bananas at once! The weight can be compared to honeydew melon. Your baby is getting chubbier. What it means is that they are accumulating fat under their skin which is helping them to stay at the right temperature. Their skins are developed long ago. Now it is helping your babies keep their temperature too. How adorable is that!


For the twins in your belly at 35 weeks, it is getting cramped for them. They are all grown up now and need their own space. Your womb isn’t enough to keep their grown baby bodies anymore. But they should still be moving. Movements are one of the most important indicators of your babies’ growth and wellness. You should always be checking for their movement even at this week. They even move right before their delivery too. If you feel like one of your babies has stopped moving, you should immediately contact the midwife or doctor that you have been seeing. It can indicate something too.
To help these munchkins move freely once they arrive, you can get this portable bassinet and playspace too!


They have grown their genitals long ago. But they are fully formed now. If it is a boy then they have fully grown testicles by now. It should show up on the ultrasound as well. It is most visible now than ever. Their fully grown organs work like a developed human organs. Your babies can pee now and they pee inside the amnionic fluid that is around them. Another interesting fact is that they are forming their first poop that you will see once they are born. It is called meconium and it looks very dark. Don’t be afraid since it just indicates old poop. The amount is also supposed to be very small just like them!

Sleep Patterns

The cutest thing about them now is that they have their own sleeping patterns. It is most likely to sync with yours and sometimes it won’t. You can detect when they are sleeping too. Notice when they are less inactive and when they are active. Even though they sleep and stay awake in your belly, they move all the time. You can even stay prepared with their clock so that when they are born you know at what time they will be most active and when not.


Pregnancy is a journey where you try to figure out each week with new information and challenges. Therefore it is important to have a routine checkup with your doctors every time you see some unusual changes that you might not feel good about.

Almost the end of pregnancy demands double the care and checkup from your doctor as well. Watch this video of a 35-week pregnant mother of twins talking about her experience

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