The 10 Books That Are All About Twins

10 Books That Are All About Twins

What can be a better way to connect with your favorite twins than books? Books about twins can make them feel included and seen. Twins have unique emotional journeys throughout their lives as they try to navigate through having unique personalities and looking identical to their siblings. Books for twins can help them in that special journey and help them develop reading habits as well.

Nowadays, you can find books for twins of every age, from toddlers to teens that too in a wide range – graphic novels, rhymes, short stories, etc. Toddler’s books often include rhymes with vivid and catchy illustrations. Below we have a list of books for twins, some of them are appropriate for preteens, some for teens, and some for toddlers.

Two is for Twins

A rhymes books with colorful pictures to celebrate all the fun of being twins. It spots and talks about all the things around us that come in pairs – wheels of bicycles, two eyes, two ears, etc.   This book is primarily for children from 1 to 3 years old. But you can use this book to encourage your twins of 4-5 years old too if they enjoy rhymes.

Twins (Graphic Novel)

This one is for twins who are growing up and figuring out their pre-teen phases. This book is also about sisterhood, friendship, and middle school drama, along with the bittersweet moments of being twins.

Since it is a graphic novel, it has extra demand from comic lover twins. A book that can help them navigate through all the emotional encounters in middle school.

Lucy and Henry are Twins

Its plot is about twins who are brother and sister. Lucy and Henry enjoy their time as twins but they also have their own unique personalities. Although this book is for toddlers, it can still help them identify their uniqueness and similarities from an early age.

It also has wonderful illustrations to help children visualize and connect with the characters. Through different pictures, Lucy and Henry are seen to enjoy the swings, crawling, their time at the park, etc.

The Two and Only Kelly Twins

This book is about two adorable twin sisters and their celebration of being twins in everyday life. Ilene and Arlene enjoy being twins except sometimes when they have to agree on one thing – like whether to get a puppy or a cat.

Your twin children will relate to small incidents like this throughout the entire book. This book also has a twist when the twins have to deal with a triplet.

Take Two!: A celebration of twins

Just like the name suggests this book is about all types of twins. It consists of four sections with multiple poems that celebrate twins from being in the womb to adulthood. The rhymes also come with adorable illustrations depicting the milestones of twin babies. It will be especially enjoyed by kids in preschool but you can always share a humorous, jolly, and colorful book like this with any twin in your life.

The Twins Blanket

Writer Hyewon Yum used the name metaphorically even in a children’s book. The book is about twins who realize they are growing up as they start using new and separate blankets. This moment has probably come in every twin’s life when they start growing apart from their own twin sibling.

This wonderful journey is written from the perspective of two 5 years olds Korean-American twin children. This book also talks about the identical twins’ journey through sharing everything in their lives, small arguments, and emotions.

The Tapper Twins Go to War (With Each Other)

The list can’t be complete without this book. This book is an actual representation of what it is like to be twin siblings in this modern era with the internet. The plot is as unique as a children’s book can get.

Although it is considered to be a children’s book, it is specifically for kids in middle school. Here in the book, the twin siblings are completely different from each other which sets this book apart from other books about twins. Claudia and Reese are constantly mocking each other and that argument turns into an online gaming war that includes cyberbullying.

As shocking as it sounds, any kid in middle school in this era will be able to relate to it. Not only the plot, but this one also consists of text messages, screenshots, and other online things that kids these days are much familiar with. If you have twins that are growing up, getting them this book can be quite exciting. 

Little Miss Twins

You can never go wrong with the little miss series. And this time it is about two little miss twins living in Twoland. It is like a dreamland for twins. This book also has the character Mr. Men who visits them in their Twoland.

If you aren’t familiar with the little miss series, this is the perfect opportunity to get to know them and enjoy their little miss series. The illustration has the 90’s vibe and amazing color grading.


This one is about fraternity in twins. But the twist is they aren’t identical. The book addresses the common misconception that twins have to look alike to be twins. Therefore this book can be a great companion for non-identical twins who are misunderstood.

Throughout the book, the writer tries to give the message that you can be twins by sharing your heart and your life. You can get this book to convey this adorable message to your favorite nonidentical twins.

We But Me

This one is a wonderful read with minimalistic illustrations. Just like the name, the entire book is about how twins can be identical yet have different lives, share the same last name yet have unique first names, like the same things in different ways. It represents that twins be unique and identical at the same time. You can watch this youtube video as an audiobook as well –


While choosing books about twins, you can try to read the summary and see if it fits with the special twins who are getting the book as there are different plots in the story. If they are only starting to read books, it is better to choose light and fun ones compared to novels. In the same way, some kids are into comics and graphic novels are great for them.

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