16th Week Pregnant with Twins? Get These Tips and Information

16 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

So, you have been 16 weeks pregnant with twins! The initial excitement has settled, you have started to see the baby bump and are counting the days till you finally hit half of the journey. Is it the time for deciding names ye? Will the baby move by now? Is it a boy or a girl?So many questions will float around as 16 weeks is usually the week of formation and growth. This week is special for your babies and you. Your twins will go through major development and so will your body.

16th Week Pregnant with Twins

To survive this week, you need to have proper knowledge of what is exactly happening. You might have questions like “how 16 weeks pregnant with twins belly should look like” or “when does your stomach get hard during pregnancy with twins”.Knowing the little details can save you a lot of stress that you don’t need to have as a pregnant mom. Especially with twins things will be a lot more than singletons. Therefore, staying up to date on your pregnancy journey is a must.

This article consists of detailed information about your and your babies’ growth. We have also divided the information into chunks so that it is easier to read or skim.

Your Body at 16 Weeks Pregnant with Twins


By this time your uterus should grow bigger to accommodate multiple babies. This enlargement would also extend your abdomen. You will see a visible dark line down to the navel dividing the belly into two. By this week, you should be visibly pregnant, especially with twins.


Usually, twin pregnancy’s uterus size by week 16 will be large which will also put pressure on the intestine. You might feel constipated and bloated. A balanced diet can help with it. Your back will ache from the extra weight. With multiple babies, it might be worse than with people with a single fetus as your body will make space for twins.


Throughout 16 to 24 weeks, your kidneys will work the hardest to filter as much as they can. The pressure that the uterus will put on the kidney will decrease the blood flow for a bit too. This is also the reason you might feel like urinating frequently when you sleep.

You can also read details on changes in each body part from expert opinion.


This is the week when your body prepares your breasts for milk production. Estrogen prepares your breasts, glands will increase, and you might feel tender and sore, like tender breasts before your periods.


Hormonal changes are a common occurrence throughout the pregnancy. At 16 weeks, you will begin to feel oily and glowy skin. This happens because of active estrogen. Some people like the glow and shine, and some want to extract the extra oil with face wash.


Along with changes in the uterus and intestine, you might feel dry eyes. It happens because of increased cornea size. You can try to get eye drops to resolve it or get allergy medicines if you have allergies.

Mental change

Another interesting change that happens at 16 weeks is forgetfulness. It is a common symptom in pregnant women. However, the reason remains unknown as to why they might go through it. If you find yourself forgetting things, don’t be scared. You can also watch this interactive video of 2 minutes to see the changes that will happen this week.

Fetus Development at 16 weeks

16 weeks is the formation week for your twins. This is the time they develop important organs and senses. Your baby starts to form lungs and tissue to breathe. They also start forming bones and muscles.

Usually, you should be able to see your twins with an ultrasound at 16 weeks, but make sure to ask your doctor if you can. A lot of complicated systems start to grow as well like the circulatory and urinary systems. Their hearts start pumping little by little from this week. Therefore, you will have your twins moving in your belly.

By this week, babies start to grow fast. By size, each baby should be around 12.4 centimeters and weigh about 28 grams. However, it is important to get checked by doctors to see if your babies are in proper growth. You can also compare their size with that of an avocado now!
Read more interesting development facts here.

The most interesting thing that happens is that your twins at 16 weeks in the womb will start to hear you. Their brains begin to send signals through bones. Not only your voice, but they can also sense the sound around you. As the bones and cartilage grow, they carry the vibration to the baby’s brain and create a sense of hearing. The cutest fact is that they can now hear your heartbeat and your voice. So start talking to your angels at 16 weeks!

Another amazing fact is that your babies are now sensitive to lights. They can sense the change in lights around them. Again, you can try to see the reactions of your 16 weeks twins with an ultrasound.

They will also have their nails developed by this time. Your twins will start moving a little by this week. Usually, people who have been pregnant before can feel the movement earlier. Their movements include kicking, rolling, yawning, etc.

Your twins have transparent skin now, but it will get thicker later. As several organs and tissue develop, so does their skin. Their scalp begins to form and grow as well but no hair yet!
Something that is unique to only twins is that this is also the week they start noticing and exploring each other. Although it will take a couple more weeks to interact, your twins are probably getting to know each other now.

Tips to Survive 16 Weeks with Twins:


This part is the most important one throughout the entire pregnancy journey. We highly recommend seeing a nutritionist if you can. However, some quick tips can help you too.

As you will be facing gas and bloating because of an enlarged uterus this week, having smaller meals without oil might help. Anything fried and caffeine can be avoided to mitigate acidity or bloating. Carbonated beverages can worsen the situation. Moreover, after each meal, take a walk to help digest your meals.


Massage or Exercise

To help with back pain, you can consider exercise or a prenatal massage to make your feel relaxed. Again, during pregnancy, it is better to talk to an expert first to see if you are fit for the exercise. You can take a walk, join yoga classes, or swim to relax your muscle, and stay fit. Pregnancy massages are usually a safer option as they will be delicate and considerate of your condition. It can also help with your mental health.

Round Ligament Pain Support

With an enlarged uterus, you might feel sharp pain around your abdomen. This is normal and common for pregnant people. It can get better with enough resting. Try to take a rest if you feel pain. However, if you feel like it is not improving and you need help, immediately call for medical assistance.  


A beautiful journey like pregnancy should be celebrated and cared for. Each week is special for one reason. Therefore, it is extremely important to follow up with your doctor and nurses throughout the journey of 9 months. To welcome healthy twins into your house, you need proper care and guidance during these months.

As it has been a twin pregnancy for 16 weeks, you already are familiar with some symptoms of your body and your baby’s presence. With little care and authentic information, you will be able to stay worry-free and enjoy the weeks when you can move freely without the weight of fully formed babies.

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